Graduate, BS, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

1997 - 2002

Studied djembe drumming at the Tam Tam Mandingue School, with Mahiri Fadjimba Keita, (apprentice son of Master Mamady Keita )

Graduate, Drum Facilitators Mentor Program in Hawaii with Arthur Hull

Graduate, Fourth Annual Drum Facilitators Playshop in Hawaii with Arthur Hull

1996 - 2001
Attended advanced drum workshops with Master Mamady Keita

Attended Mande Foli drum workshops with Baba Djimo Kouyate at the University of Maryland

1996 - 1997

Studied Afro-Cuban drumming with renowned performing/recording artist, Sam Turner

1992 - 1996

Studied African drumming (djembe) with Carlos Moore from Trinidad


Attended a drum workshop with Nurudafina Pili Abena


Attended a drum workshop with Ubaka Hill


Attended drum workshops at the WO'SE Guinea African Dance Conference

1990 - 1992 `

Studied African drumming with the legendary, Babatunde Olatunji

1989 - 1991

Studied African drumming with former drummer of Baba Olatunji's Drums of Passion, Shina Durosinmi Etti

1984 - 1988

Played (improvisational) drums and percussion on a weekly basis with various Washington, DC, area musicians


RECIPIENT, "Fire Starter" Award  from The Transformation Institute, Washington, DC
(This award recognizes leaders in the community who have contributed to making  positive, progressive change in the world and who inspire others to do the same.
Fire Starters ignite the flame that guides and supports the community. A Fire Starter keeps the true meaning of community alive and flourishing).

2004 - Present
Became an endorsee and facilitator for Mountain Rythym 
(handcrafted percussion instruments, Ontario, Canada)

2000 - 2004
Endorsee and facilitator for REMO , Inc., received Gold Endorsement

1995, 1996 , 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002  
RECIPIENT, Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "World Music Instrumentalist", from the Washington Area Music Association, (WAMA)

RECIPIENT, Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "World Music Female Vocalist", from WAMA

1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998  
RECIPIENT, with Big Village , Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "World Music Recording" ('95, '97 & '98), "World Music Group" ('96, '97 & '98), "Rock/Pop Recording" ('98), from WAMA

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
NOMINATED for Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "World Music Instrumentalist"

NOMINATED for Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "World Music Female Vocalist"
NOMINATED with Rachel & Jaqui , Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "World Music Duo"
NOMINATED with Rachel & Jaqui , Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "Contemporary Folk Duo"
NOMINATED with Mama Muti , Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "New Age Recording", for Mother Medicine

NOMINATED for Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "Contemporary Folk Instrumentalist"
NOMINATED with Big Village, Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "World Music Group"
NOMINATED with Rachel & Jaqui , Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "Contemporary Folk Duo"
NOMINATED with Mama Muti , Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "New Age Duo"
NOMINATED with Snap Culture , Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "World Music Group"

NOMINATED for Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "New Age Instrumentalist" & "New Age Vocalist"
NOMINATED with Rachel & Jaqui , Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "Contemporary Folk Duo"
NOMINATED with Mama Muti , Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "New Age Duo"

NOMINATED for Washington Area Music Award, (WAMMIE), "World Music Female Vocalist"
NOMINATED with Big Village , Washington Area Music Awards, (WAMMIE), "Song of the Year'"


First Place with Big Village , "Urban Contemporary Category,'" Mid Atlantic Songwriters' Competition


Story featured in Arthur Hull's book, Drum Circle Facilitation, Building Community Through Rhythm.

Featured in Arthur Hull's video, Drum Circle Facilitation..


 The Village Tree
featured on DC and Arlington Cable

Featured story in the November issue of
DRUM! magazine

Featured story on WITN Channel 7 evening news in North Carolina

Performed with Ron Holloway on the channel 5 FOX Morning News and the Channel 9

Telethon for Children’s Hospital

1998 - 00
Rachel & Jaqui have appeared on the Montgomery County Cable show, "Takoma

Park Cafe", Greenbelt (Maryland) Cable Access and Hober Radio


2002 - PRESENT
FOUNDING MEMBER AND BOARD MEMBER: The Drum Circle Facilitators Guild, (DCFG), a non-profit corporation based in Washington DC. For more information on the guild, see: www.dcfg.net


2002 - PRESENT
FACILITATOR : Facilitated corporate 'team building' rhythm events through the Catalyst Events program called, "Beats Work" for the following clients:
400+  Chase Manhatten executives in Dallas, TX
200+  AOL executives in Reston, VA
1,500 Guidant executives in Chicago, IL
500+  Discover executives in Chicago, IL
200+  Booz, Allen & Hamilton consultants in Tysons Corner, VA
100+  Economist Magazine executives in New York, NY
50+    AOL executives in Seattle, WA - (solo facilitator)
50+    Booz, Allen & Hamilton consultants in Potomac, MD
180+  Novartis executives in Livingston, NJ
75+    Liz Claiborne executives in New York, NY - (facilitator / front person, did introduction and concluding remarks)
100+  Liz Claiborne executives in New York, NY -
(facilitator and front person)
200+  Cannon executives (through Kathryn Reid Productions) in Hot Springs, VA - (facilitator and front person)
450+  Boston Consulting Group executives in Boston, MA
180+  Booz, Allen & Hamilton consultants in Dallas, TX
100+  Liz Claiborne executives in Newport, RI  - (Global Grooves team building event)
300+  Microsoft executives in Las Vegas, NV
200+  Verizon executives in Tampa, FL
200+  Circuit City executives in Glen Allen, VA
250+  MasterCard executives in Rye Brook, NY
250+  Booz, Allen & Hamilton consultants in Fairfax, VA - (Global Grooves team building event)
200+  Citigroup executives in Armonk, NY - (facilitator and front person)


FACILITATOR: Co-facilitated, (with Dave Holland), a Mountain Rhythm sponsored drum circle at PASIC 2005, (Percussive Arts Society International Conference), in Ohio.

FACILITATOR: Facilitated  "Drum For Joy!" drum circles at the Baltimore International Festival 2005

FACILITATOR / PERFORMER:  Facilitated / performed with djembe drum for the Drum Cafe corporate 'team building' event for 200+ Moen Faucet executives in Colorado Springs, CO

FACILITATOR: Facilitated drum cirlces for the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) at their 32nd annual conference in Norfolk, VA.

FACILITATOR: Facilitated at the "all industry" drum cirlce, (lead by Kalani), at the summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) show in Nashville, TN

FACILITATOR: Facilitated a closing drum cirlce for the American Massage Therapists Association (AMTA) at their national conference in Ocean City, MD.

FACILITATOR: Facilitated drum cirlces with Christine Stevens for the "Save The Music" event on Capitol Hill, Washington DC.  This event was sponsored by REMO, NAMM and VH1.  Celebrities who participated in the drum circle included Isaac Hayes and Rosanna Arquette.  

FACILITATOR: Facilitated drum cirlces for 60+ students, (ages 7 - 9), at the Barrie School, Silver Spring, MD.

FACILITATOR: Facilitated drum cirlces for 200+ high school students for their orientation program at Richard Montgomery High School, Rockville, MD.

FACILITATOR: Facilitated rhythm circles for adult students at George Washington University in Washington DC

FACILITATOR: Facilitated drum cirlces for 150+ high school students at John Wooton High School, Potomac, MD.

FACILITATOR: Facilitated rhythm circles for 200 adult students at the Carlos Rosario School in Washington DC

2001 & 2004
FACILITATOR : Lead the "Drums of Service" for the Stone's Rising ritual at Four Quarters Farm in Artemis, PA. Drummed for 14 hours straight through the night with a group of drummers and dancers in service to the community.

FACILITATOR :  Facilitator for Arthur Hull's pre-concert drum circle at the Babatunde Olatunji Benefit Concert at the  Paramount Theater in New York..Other facilitators included Arthur Hull, Mickey Hart and Sule Greg Wilson

FACILITATOR : Facilitated rhythm circles for the children cancer patients at N.I.H., Washington DC, also facilitated rhythm circles and did drum lessons for the women at the House of Ruth shelter for battered and abused women inWashington DC.

1998 - 2003
: Co-creator and facitlitator of the Village Tree , a community rhythm based event held bi-monthly in Takoma Park, MD


1994 - PRESENT
: Lead workshops in beginning hand drumming, created the program called "Drum For Joy!"
Presented this program at:
The Seattle World Rhythm Festival - Seattle, WA
The Tampa Bay Rhythm Festival - Tampa, FL
The Santa Fe Rhythm Festival - Santa Fe, NM 

PAS Day of Percussion - Lake Tahoe, NV
Common Ground On The Hill, McDaniel College, Westminster, MD
Carroll Community College Continuing Education Program, Westminster, MD
Drum and Splash Festival - Artemis, PA
The East Coast Sage Circle Gathering - NJ
The Facilitators Playshop in Hawaii & the East Coast Facilitators Playshop in MD
The Baltimore International Rhythm Festival
The Free Spirit Gathering - Darlington, MD
The House of Musical Traditions - Takoma Park, MD
Crossings - Takoma Park, MD
Iona Productions - Baltimore, MD
In Gaia's Lap - Eastern Shore, MD
The Women's Adventure Club - Silver Spring, MD
Lamma's Bookstore - Washington D.C.   
The Virginia Women's Music Festival
Drum Time - Charlottesville, VA
The Twin Oaks Women's Gathering - Louisa, VA
EvenSong - Falls Church, VA
Also presented independently on a regular basis in Washington DC, Westminster MD, Richmond VA, Fredericksburg VA, Newport News VA, Slate Mills VA, Williamsburg VA, Vienna VA, Harrisonburg, VA, Morgantown WV, Outer Banks NC, Santa Cruz CA, New York NY, Baltimore MD, Columbia MD, Flintsone MD, Frederick, MD, Tampa, FL and various locations in PA.

1993 - PRESENT
: Teach private hand drum lessons to individual students and
evening group lessons, (currently through the House Of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD and Magnolia House Arts, Crafts & Music in Westminster, MD),  hand drumming class series through BIRDS (Baltimore International Rhythm & Drumming Society),  and taught private lessons for the off campus study program at Colby College, Waterville, MN

1998 - PRESENT
TEACHER: Teacher and creator of a music camp through the University of Maryland called, "World of Music", for children, ages 7 to 12, teach basic hand drumming and percussion, rhythm games, songs from around the world, folk tales with music and dance and music appreciation.  The camp concludes with a final performance for parents / friends and a "community drum circle" involving the children and the audience.  This camp is (now) also offered at Carroll Community College, Westminster, MD.

2000 - 2005
TEACHER:  Teacher at the Cleveland Park Camp in Washington DC, teach rhythm based music (drums and percussion), and rhythm games, for children, ages 6 - 12.

WORKSHOP LEADER: Lead the workshop, "Drum For Joy!" at the Seattle World Rhythm Festival in Seattle, WA.
TEACHER:  Teacher for teenagers at the Washington Ethical Society, Washington DC,  taught basic hand drumming and African folk songs. 

TEACHER:  Teacher for inner city teenagers at The Learning Co-Operative, Baltimore, MD, taught basic hand drumming and songs from around the world

WORKSHOP LEADER: Lead the workshop, "Drum For Joy!" and a workshop on "drumming for children" - presented at the PAS (Percussive Arts Society) event in Lake Tahoe, NV called "Rhythms Around the World - A Day Of Percussion"

2000 & 2001
: Teacher at the Sidwell Friends School summer camp program in Washington DC, taught theater and rhythm based music (drums and percussion), for children ages 6 - 10.

: Assisted Babatunde Olatunji in his drum workshops at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA and Omega Institute, New York


1990 - PRESENT
: Percussionist/performer for renowned astrologer, Caroline Casey, at her solstice and equinox celebration lectures as part of the duet, Mama Muti .  Mama Muti has also performed at the Carter Barron Amphitheater for the Washington Area Music Association in Washington DC, The Washington Folk Festival and at Strathmore Concert Hall in Rockville, MD.

2004 - 2006
PERFORMER: Percussionist for the band, Radio Mime, popular music / rock 'n roll cover band that played clubs, festivals, weddings, parties and  other large events. 

PERFORMER: Performed as part of the Mountain Rythym percussion ensemble at the PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Conference) concert held at  Windows on the Cumberland in Nashville, TN.  Sponsored by Mountain Rythym and performed by Mountain Rythym artists, including Tom Larson and Vinx. 

PERFORMER: Played djembe with the Celtic group Rathkeltair for the "Something Scottish" event in Alexandria, VA.

PERFORMER: Solo djembe performances for the Improvisational Theater Group, Mount Ranier, MD.

PERFORMER : Percussionist for the Galludet University production of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, performed by both hearing and deaf women in the KOGOD Theatre at the University of Marylands, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

2000 - 2002
: Member of and performer with Nada Brahma, Multicultural programs for children and adults, participate in concert assemblies for Middle and Elementary Schools, where participants gain valuable insight into the music, instruments and wisdom of many ethnic traditions.

2000 & 2002
PRESENTER / PERFORMER : Presenter at theWashington Area Music Awards, (WAMMIES). Also, performed with Ron Holloway and Honeypole at the awards ceremony in 2000.


PERFORMER : Performer at the Babatunde Olatunji Benefit concert at the Paramount Theatre in New York, shared the stage with such greats as Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead / Planet Drum), Giovanni Hidalgo, Leon Mobley and Baba Olatunji.

1996 - 2001
PERFORMER: Percussionist and vocalist for Rachel & Jaqui, a "world folk" duet who performed at women's conferences, coffee houses, and various venues & festivals. The duet performed at the Kennedy Center and for the Institute of Musical Traditions in MD. They appeared on the Montgomery County Cable show "Takoma Park Cafe" and were chosen as one of the Top 20 Female Acoustic Acts in the Mid-Atlantic region by the 1999 Lilith Fair Talent search

1995 - 2001
: Percussionist and vocalist for The Beat Girlz , a woman-centered trio who performed at various venues and women's festivals

: Performed at Artscape 2000, Baltimore, MD, opening for the Neville Brothers, with the Ron Holloway Group

: Performed with Junior Marvin, the guitarist for Bob Marley’s Whalers, at the Dr. Dubenstein show, Washington DC

: Performed (drumming) at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington DC with the Philadelphia Women’s Choir

1988 - 1999
: Percussionist and back up vocalist for Big Village , band and recording/performing artists, hundreds of performances locally and nationally, some venues included: The Kennedy Center, 9:30 Club, Bayou and Black Cat (Wash. D.C.), Max's On Broadway (Baltimore, MD), The Wetlands (N.Y.C.) and many festivals (including Starwood and The Free Spirit Festival) and many other smaller venues. Produced six music releases, ( CD's / cassettes). Opened for Los Lobos, Syd Straw, Yothu Yindi, Vinx, Shawn Colvin, Rusted Root, Wavy Gravy, Tricky, Gheggy Tah and Moe and performed at conferences where the speakers included Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover and Al Franken.

1997 - 1999
PERFORMER: Leader and percussionist for Snap Culture , an all women percussion ensemble who performed for a variety of events, including the opening ceremony for the Whole Life Expo 1998 (Baltimore Convention Center)

: Performed (drums and vocals) with Caroline Casey , renowned astrologer and author, for a live performance recording in Boulder, CO, on the Sounds True label, for the nationally released audio book, Making the Gods Work For You

1995 - 1996
: Member of Voices With Vision, percussionist. Accompanied poetry, dance, and storytelling performances for adults and children. Performances include live WPFW radio broadcast; the Anacostia Museum; Maryland Cable show- Color Me Poetry , Bowie State University; Thomas House (for the elderly); Charles Sumner School Museum; Washington Project for the Arts (WPA); George Washington University; and programs for elementary school children at the Challenger Campus, Adelphi, MD, through the Maryland Arts Council

1993 - 1996
: Member of Distant Rumble, and World Beat Music and Dance Ensemble, percussion based groups that perform for guests of the White House at President's Park, Washington, DC, and various festivals


: Percussionist for the hired orchestra of renowned singer, Avraham Fried, for his performance in Richmond, VA


: Percussionist with renowned South African poet, Mphela Makgoba


: Played drums for the women at Calvary Women's Shelter

1992 - 1993
PERFORMER: Performed and played drums and percussion for World Dance Focus dance troupe

1991 - 1992

DANCE CLASS MUSICIAN: Played African drums for Synergy dance classes


1993 - Present
: Played drums and percussion on recordings for Big Village, Lisa Moscatiello, Rachel Cross, Kathleen Hannan, Nada Brahma, Tinsmith,Wynne Paris, Amikaeyla Gaston, KIVA, Honeypole, Blue Sky Puppet Theater, Terrence McArdle, John Vaneiff and Eric Weiner. Also did a studio session with Jim Donovan, (drummer of the group "Rusted Root").

: Recorded tracks on the music for the Bonobo Conservation Initiative, for a radio show which will be broadcast in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa, in an effort to re-enforce the position of the bonobo apes as a flagship species and a symbol of peace in the Congo. The radio show will eventually be played on satellite radio, reaching remote places in the Congo where bonobos live.

: Recorded music soundtrack for tape to accompany nationally released book, Sacred Circles , (Harper San Francisco), by Robin Cairnes and Sally Craig

1996 & 1997

: Recorded vocals on the album, Scorcher , and Groove Update , (on Milestone Records), for renowned saxophonist, Ron Holloway's third and fourth national releases


: Recorded the opening music for astrologer and author, Caroline Casey's live radio program, The Visionary Activist Show, on KPFA 94.1 FM, in the San Francisco Bay Area


Compiling and publishing a history book about women drummers entitled, Women Drummers At The Dawn Of The 21st Century, 1998 - 2001 , (a project which is currently underway)


Arthur Hull, Village Music Circles, Santa Cruz, CA, VILLAGEMC@aol.com

Jonathan Murray, FunDrum Rhythm Circles,  Columbia, MD, 443-838-2551, sujon@starpower.net

Caroline Casey, Cabin John, MD, www.visionaryactivism.com, standupcoyote@comcast.net

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