This Page is under CONSTANT construction and I am still trying to input pedigrees without scanning, which may not be possible.  Check back frequently.   Some are my dogs, some are Ellyn Signet's dogs, some are Debby Figiel's dogs and/or dogs owned by others that are related to ours or that we have bred to.

Plus OFA, CERF and other information about each dog

Male Swissies Female Swissies Others
 Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Rex Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Tye Ball017.gif (983 bytes)Kitty (Mastiff)
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Psyche Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Rika Ball017.gif (983 bytes)FruFru (Havanese)
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Anthony Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Chance Ball017.gif (983 bytes)Judge (Rottweiler)
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Keeper Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Hope Ball017.gif (983 bytes)Mercy (Havanese)
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Chuck E. Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Peaches Ball017.gif (983 bytes)Fievel (Havanese)
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Sean Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Ciba Ball017.gif (983 bytes)
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Garth  Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Charming  
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Chad-deceased Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Molly  
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Piccadilly Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Tubby  
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Rio Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Steffie  
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Circus-deceased Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Hillary  
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Rory-deceased Ball018.gif (975 bytes)Abbie-deceased  
Ball000.gif (959 bytes)Garth-deceased    


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