We hope you enjoy your stay at our cottage. Please try to leave it the way you found it so the next guests can enjoy it too.

Here are a few points to remember:

  1. No singles under 25. (The cottage is located in a quiet neighborhood with many permanent residents -- we do not rent to spring breakers or groups looking for a place to throw loud parties.)
  2. Overnight occupancy is limited to 6 people.
  3. No smoking.
  4. No pets.
  5. Local restrictions prohibit overnight parking of RV's, mobile homes and campers.
  6. Limit of 3 vehicles due to parking restrictions.
  7. The private beach is for residents and renters only. Please use the public access staircase -- north west of the cottage stairs marked with a yellow reflector. Other stairs to the beach are for private use by other residents.
  8. Please enjoy the beach either in front of the public access staircase, or directly below the cottage beachfront property which is just south of the cottage parking lot on the lakeside. (See images below).
  9. Please stay off the sandbanks. The sandbanks need to be kept intact to prevent erosion of the bluff. Also there are nails, glass and trash buried beneath the sand.
  10. Keep off the pump house deck -- it won't hold your weight.
  11. Don't place objects on the floor register for the furnace -- they will melt.
  12. Please watch small children on the deck. They may slip through the railings and fall.
  13. Please leave the cottage as you found it. We do not charge a cleaning fee and have equipped the premises with numerous cleaning supplies. All or part of your $300 security deposit will be withheld if excessive cleaning needs to be performed after your stay.



Liability -- Landlord shall not be liable for any damages or losses to persons or property caused by other residents or other persons. Landlord shall not be liable for personal injury or damage or loss of tenant's personal property (vehicles, jewelry, clothing etc.) from theft, fire, vandalism, water, rain, hail, smoke, explosions or other causes whatsoever.

Prime Location

Convenient to Grand Haven, Holland, Saugatuck and Grand Rapids. Map