Marcus Fazenbaker and Jane "Jennie" (Broadwater)

Marcus Fazenbaker was born 12/25/1805, son of the Hessian soldier George Fazenbaker. He married Jane "Jennie" Broadwater who was born about 1809. According to genealogist Wayne Bittinger, it is likely, though not certain, that Jane was a daughter of Guy Broadwater.

Marcus was a farmer. He inherited a share of his father's estate. On 2/7/1828, Marcus together with his brothers George and Conrad and sister "Sally" sold their interest in their father's two Military Lots to Godfrey Fazenbaker.

At the time of the 1830 census, Marcus headed a household of four people. At the time of the 1840 census, Marcus headed a household of eight people. The numbers and age brackets match all of Marcus' known children as of 1840. The census reported that one person in the household was involved in agriculture.

At the time of the 1850 census, Marcus headed a family of 10 people. The 1850 census was the first federal census to list the names of each member of the household. Besides Marcus and Jane, the household that year included sons Jesse (age 18), Jefferson (age 16), Ephriam (age 14), Otho (age 11), Marcus (age 9), and Patrick (age 7), daughter Charlotte (age 5) and son Oliver (age 2).

At the time of the 1860 census, Marcus was head of a household in Allegany County which included Jane and six children: sons Jefferson (age 26), Otha (age 22), and Marcus (age 20), daughter Charlotte (age 15), son Oliver (age 13), and daughter Rebecca (age 9).

At the time of the 1870 census, Marcus was head of a household of five people. Besides Marcus and wife Jane, the household included son Oliver, age 22. In addition, the household included Marcus's widowed daughter Rebecca Johnson, age 18, and her daughter Jenny, age 1. Marcus' occupation was listed as farmer.

At the time of the 1880 census, Marcus was head of a household in Garrett County which included wife Jane, son Oliver, daughter Rebecca "Becka" Frumhart, and Becka's children James Frumhart (age 3), and Jennie Johnson (age 11). Marcus farmed at Firm Rock in Garrett County.

On 1/22/1886, Marcus signed his will. He left his farm and personal property to his wife Jane for the rest of her life. Then son Oliver was to have the farm after he paid the following sums to Marcus' other children: $146 to son Marcus M. Facenbaker; $200 to daughter Rebecca Fromhart; $200 to daughter Nancy Michael, $100 to son "Ephriam"; $1 to son "Oath"; $1 to son Jesse; $1 to daughter "Sharlotte" Patrick; $1 to son Jefferson; and $1 to daughter "Senith" Wilson.

He died 4/11/1886 at the age of eighty-one years, 3 months, and 20 days, according to his marker at the family cemetery on his property. Jane died 2/27/1895.

Fazenbaker family historian Louis Hicks in his "27th Article" about the Fazenbaker family reported on the ownership of Marcus' farm at Firm Rock in eastern Garrett County up through 1977, "Marcus left it to son Oliver. Oliver to his son Ernest. And Ernest's son Junior now has it."

Children of Marcus and Jane: Ascenith E. Fazenbaker (born about 1828); Nancy Fazenbaker (born 10/30/1827); Jesse (or Jessie) Franklin Fazenbaker (born 11/27/1832); Jefferson S. Facenbaker (born 4/22/1834); Ephriam Fazenbaker (born in 1836); Otho Harmon "Othey" or "Otha" Fazenbaker (born 4/18/1838); Marcus Manuel (or Manual) "Squire Marks" Fazenbaker (born 9/15/1840); Patrick Stephen Fazenbaker (born 12/8/1843); Charlotte Ann "Sis" Fazenbaker (born 3/10/1845); Oliver Fazenbaker (born 5/17/1846); and Rebecca Jane "Becka" Fazenbaker (born 2/8/1852).

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