Guy Broadwater

Guy Broadwater, son of Cornelius Broadwater and Mary (Piper) Broadwater, married Mary "Polly" Piles on 12/30/1809, in Loudoun County, VA. They settled on land along Savage River about 1811.

Guy was especially noted for his stentorian voice; it was said that he could "stand on a hill and call his hogs and cattle for miles around. The Broadwater families were fond of dancing in the early days; frequent dances were held in their homes. Guy would call "figures" so loudly tht the chimney would shake. One day a Methodist minister came into the neighborhood and converted all the families and the dances ceased."

The 1820 census showed that the Guy Broadwater household included Guy, his wife, two boys and six girls. His wife Mary died about the 1820s. Children of Guy and Mary: Jennie, Sallie, Elizabeth, Mary, Patsey, John, Henry, and William. It is possible, but not certain, that this William might have been known as Noble W. Broadwater, the progenitor of large Garrett County family. In 1830, Guy's household contained only himself and four children.

During the 1830s, Guy took up housekeeping with Susanna (Reckner) McIntire, daughter of Revolutionary War soldier Daniel Reckner and widow of James McIntire. They had one daughter, Charity who became the third wife of John Barnes, Sr. John Barnes' second wife had been Sarah "Sally" (Fazenbaker) Clouse, and his first had been Nancy Broadwater.

Guy Broadwater died 7/26/1864. Cephas Moore reported that he was buried in a corner of a field on the Marcus Fazenbaker property.

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