Conrad Fazenbaker and wives Dorcas (Dennit) and Delila (Jenkins)

Conrad Fazenbaker was born 9/9/1802, son of the Hessian soldier George Fazenbaker. Locally, his given name is pronounced like Coonrod, and indeed an old family Bible records his name with this phonetic spelling. On 12/3/1826 in Allegany County, he married 1) Dorcas Dennit who was born 2/22/1806.

Conrad and Dorcas must have admired President George Washington, for in 1827 they named their first child George Washington Fazenbaker. They may have also admired well-known local minister John Miller, for their second child was named John Miller Fazenbaker.

Conrad inherited a share of his father's estate. On 2/7/1828, Conrad together with his brothers George and Marcus and sister "Sally" sold their interest in their father's two Military Lots to Godfrey Fazenbaker.

Conrad was the head of a household in Allegany County at the time of the 1830 census. Dorcas and Conrad were the parents of the first eight children listed below.

Dorcas died in 1842 about the same time that a newborn daughter also named Dorcas died. According to a Bible record, the infant Dorcas was born 4/4/1842. The Bible shows that one Dorcas died that same day and the other died 7/18/1842, but available information does not allow a confident determination of which date applied to the mother and which applied to the daughter. That the two dates are so close suggests that the mother Dorcas may have had complications in childbirth.

On 7/20/1844 (or on 8/15/1844 according to a Bible record), Conrad married 2) Delila Jenkins who was born 10/1/1815. She and Conrad were the parents of the last five children listed below. At the time of the 1860 census, Conrad, Delila and their five children formed a household in that part of Allegany County that would ultimately become Garrett County. Conrad was a farmer. Besides Conrad and wife Delila, the household included Eve C. (age 14), Rebecca (age 12), Thomas (age 11), Isabella (age 8), and Clemen Cass (age 5).

At the time of the 1870 census, Conrad was head of a household of six people. Besides Conrad and wife "Delia," the household included Rebecca, Frank T. (age 21), Isabella (age 18), and Clemance C. (age 15).

At the time of the 1880 census, Conrad was head of a household in Garrett County that included wife Delila, "Clemmon," and four grandchildren.

Delila died 12/19/1889. Conrad died 3/30/1891.

Children of Conrad Fazenbaker and Dorcas: George Washington Fazenbaker (born 9/2/1827), John Miller Fazenbaker (born 4/24/1829), Secelia Fazenbaker (born 10/26/1831), Harriett Fazenbaker (born 4/23/1834), Sarah Ellen Fazenbaker (born 4/22/1836), Hiley Fazenbaker (born 2/18/1838), Mary Ann Elizabeth Fazenbaker (born 4/23/1840), and Dorcas Fazenbaker (born 4/4/1842). Children of Conrad and Delila: Eva Catherine "Catherine" Fazenbaker (born 7/1/1845), Rebecca Susan Fazenbaker (born 4/8/1847), Francis Thomas "Frank" or "Thomas" Fazenbaker (born 4/2/1849), Isabella (or Isabel) Fazenbaker (born 2/29/1852), and Clemen Carl Augustus "Gus" Fazenbaker (born 4/29/1855).

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