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To compliment your Pioneer steel building
a complete range of useful accessories are available.

Service Doors
4' x 7' for ends and 3' x 7' for sides. Frame welded
into one solid unit.

Rugged Sliding Doors
with ball bearing rollers

available in various colours, made of
heavy duty fiberglass

Gravity and turbine ventilators

Foundation Base Connectors
Can be used in place of trough type foundation.

Insulation Clips
To secure fiberglass insulation.

Butyl Rubber Caulking

Other Accessories:

  • Frames for overhead doors
  • Wall lights
  • Window frames
  • Door lights
For price information, please contact the Factory Consultant.
Pioneer Steel Buildings, Inc.
Van Rowe
Factory Consultant
32007 Jenkins Mill Rd.
Franklin, VA. 23851
Toll Free:(888)569-7738
Local: (757)569-3826
Fax: (757)569-7738
Cell: (757)717-1998

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