The Next-Generation of Optical Microscopy
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PC-Based Variable-Magnification Microscopes

  • Remotely Controlled Optical Microscope
    Zoom Microscope with stepper motor control of zoom and focus. An Auxiliary Lens and Tube Lens are selected from the list below to meet the application requirements for field of view.
Auxiliary Diagonal Field-of-View Working
Lens 1x Tube Lens 2x Tube Lens Distance
0.25x 55mm to 4.6mm 27.6mm to 2.28mm 334mm
0.50x 27mm to 2.3mm 13.8mm to 1.14mm 160mm
0.75x 18mm to 1.5mm 9.2mm to 0.76mm 107mm
- no lens - 13mm to 1.1mm 6.9mm to 0.57mm  86mm
1.50x  9mm to 0.8mm 4.6mm to 0.38mm  50mm
2.00x  7mm to 0.6mm 3.5mm to 0.29mm  37mm
  • Illumination Options
    Either a Coaxial Illumination System or a 15 Vertical Exit Ring-light Illuminator
  • Cold Light Illumination Source
    150-Watt fiber-optic light source with manual dimmer, 3200K color temperature.
  • Motorized Microscope Stage
    Stepper motor controlled stage ---- 150mm x 150mm of travel. Specifications - 12.5m positioning resolution, <15m position repeatability error, <25m absolute positional error over the full travel range. Customized top plate.
  • Personal Computer & Monitor
    Pentium III - 750MHz, 64MB Memory, 10.0GB Hard Drive, Microsoft Windows 98
    17" Color Monitor
  • High Resolution Video Imaging System
    Color Camera with S-Video output, -- 1/2" Image Sensor, 768 (H) x 494 (V) pixels, 8.4m (H) x 9.8m (V) cell size , 450 lines of horizontal resolution.
  • Video Adapter Card
    Video Frame Grabber, S-Video input.
  • Adapter Electronics
    Digital to analog conversion hardware for control of four Stepper motors. One standard 9 wire shielded cable interconnects the computer to the microscope frame.
  • Operations Program
    Application-specific programming provides the capability to control focus, zoom and stage movement from the personal computer. In addition, program functions are available to provide the capability for moving the stage in response to a series of x,y coordinates provided from a file or from a stored routing description. Travel speed is selectable from a range of 10 seconds/mm to 10mm/second, or the stage can be stepped in field-of-view increments with dwell times from 1 second to infinity.

    An on/off selectable cross-hair is provided to facilitate feature centering.

    Sample rotation compensation is provided through a special-purpose program function. The operator selects a predefined feature on the sample, sets the datum, moves the stage to a second predefined feature, and initiates a programming operation, which establishes rotational correction based on the variation from known. All future movements incorporate the correction automatically.