The Next-Generation of Optical Microscopy
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PC-Based Variable Magnification Stereo Microscopes

The stereo microscope generates two independent images of the same sample spatially separated to provide stereoscopic image capability. The two images are focused onto CCD chips in color cameras . Each CCD chip camera generates a video image at 30 frames per second that is then processed by a Video Encoder that multiplexes the two frames of video data. The resulting data is output at 60 frames per second (120 fields per second) . The alternated video image data is processed in the Personal Computer by a Frame Grabber card that converts the video data from a television-standard format to a Personal Computer compatible format. The Personal Computer displays the output of just one of the two cameras. Accurate measurement of features that are perpendicular to the plane of the surface are made by utilizing both video images and special purpose stereoscopic imaging software. A stereo-ready monitor is employed for live viewing of the stereoscopic image using special purpose glasses.


  • Dual Camera Head
  • High Resolution Stereographic Video Imaging System, 2 Color Cameras with S-Video output. Video data is frame sequenced by Video Encoder. Special purpose glasses for 3D viewing on Stereo-ready monitor.
  • Remotely Controlled Optical Microscope designed to accept stepper motor control of zoom and focus. The assembly is mounted on a suspension system designed for 50mm of vertical travel under computer control. The assembly includes a Ringlight Illuminator with a Flexible Light Guide, and an Objective lens, selected from the list below.
Objective Lens Field-of-View Magnification Range Working Monitor Distance
0.30x 80mm to 7mm 3.75x to  42x 130mm
0.45x   53mm to 4.2mm 5.6x  to  73x 198mm
0.50x   48mm to 3.7mm 6.3x  to  80x  70mm
- no lens -   24mm to 1.8mm 13x   to 160x  74mm
1.20x    20mm to 1.75mm 15x   to 170x  60mm
1.60x    15mm to 0.75mm 20x   to 258x  34mm
  • An optional 2-Position Linear-Lens-Changer is available to extend the working magnification over the entire range of 3.75X to 258X.
  • Cold Light Illumination Source
    150-Watt Tungsten-Halogen regulated light source with manual dimmer, 3200 deg. K color temperature. Ringlight illumination is standard, coaxial illumination is available as an option.
  • Motorized Microscope Stage Stepper motor controlled stage
    150mm x 150mm of travel. Specifications positioning resolution, positioning resolution - 5 micrometers, position repeatability error - 10 micrometers, and 50 micrometers absolute positional error over the full travel range.
  • Stepper Motor Controller - 6 axes.
    A Standard 9 wire shielded cable interconnects the computer to the microscope frame.
  • Operations Program
    Application-specific programming designed and coded by TriTek staff.