Here are some of the utilities our developers have designed to make their jobs a little easier.

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CAD Calculator
This simple utility evaluates expressions and converts between microns, millimeters, inches, and mils. It always appears on top of all other windows and its taskbar icon is hidden.
To use, click on the appropriate units and enter the value or expression. Press ENTER to perform computation. Then, click on the units to convert to and the value is converted to those units. Currently this program is limited to expressions in the form ARG1 OP ARG2 where ARG1 and ARG2 are floating point numbers and OP is a character in the set [ +, -, *, / ].

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Maximum Deflection
This utility computes the deflection of a plate using Young's Modulus constant.
To use, enter the deflecting object weight, the length width and thickness of the plate, and the Young's Modulus of the material being deflected. Then choose 'plate' for a solid plate or 'angle' for angle extrusion. Finally, click on one of the four configurations to display the result.

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The Next-Generation of Optical Microscopy
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