The Next-Generation of Optical Microscopy
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Material Alignment Tools

Perform critical layer-to-layer alignment using TriTek's x, y, theta positioning system. A video microscope is employed to image the area of interest of the overlaid structure. A patent pending subassembly provides the capability to move one layer relative to another 5mm in increments of 1.6 micrometers. The computer provides the movement through three stepper motor controlled positioners pushing against three pneumatic pushers. Computer-controlled, pneumatically operated pop-up pins are available for independent registration of each layer.

Augment your manual alignment tools with a quad-video imaging system. This retrofittable assembly can be installed on your tools to overhang your alignment fixture and provide the simultaneous image of each quadrant of your products. A single set of adjustments to your overlaid products will result in one-pass alignments. The product includes four zoom microscopes, coaxial illumination system, four CCD cameras, 4:1 video multiplexor, video monitor and a front-to-back precision stage with 300mm (12") of travel with precision hydraulic stops.