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Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa
Copyright (c) 1994 / 1995 / 1996 / 1997 Norman Barth (
Used with permission from the Paris Pages

Subject: Re: Mona Lisa Image Permission Request
Date: Sat, 1 April 2000 08:59:41 -0600
From: Norman Barth

Bonjour Steve Feld,

Please consider this email as granting you permission for the educational usage described above.

Best wishes for a successful project,

- Norman

Norman Barth +1 (858).454.9713 (office)
The Paris Pages (US Office) +1 (858).454.9713 (fax)
7439 Herschel Ave, Suite E (internet)
La Jolla, CA, USA 92037 (url)

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