Beyond 2000 Millennium Competition

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Using Renaissance achievements as a platform and present foundation, students will pose key inquiry questions that will prompt their vision of art in our lives within the next hundreds years.

This project is designed to predict how art will influence our lives in the next hundred years. Through probing past inspirations and methods students can use available data to make reasonable predictions for the future.

By examining our rich art legacy students will have a yardstick by which to measure future trends.

In order to make more accurate predictions, students posed the following question to focus their inquiry:

  • What were the motivations behind the art work of various time periods throughout history?

Focus of website activities:

  • Probing the Past
  • Prompting the Present
  • Forecasting the Future as art advances
Who is the teacher involved?
What subjects does he teach?
Name: Steve Feld Subjects: Art History, Fine Arts Computer Graphics, Digital Photography and Web Design. Who are the students: Adalberto Bernabel Tenth Grade Alfy Noboa Tenth Grade Felix Tejada Tenth Grade Daniel Mena 11th Grade Victor Duran Tenth Grade

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