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December 6, 1997 Soma Live

I went to go see the Lunachicks on 6 december, 1997 At soma live.The bands that were playing there were Assorted Jelly Beans, Choice, The vandals & The Lunachicks. They were the 2nd to the last band to come on. But it was worth the wait. When they came on my friends & i went to the front of the stage to get ready for the best band to play that night...When theo came on the whole fucking crowd went crazy. Sorry but, I can't exactly remember what songs they played because I was to busy trying to stay alive in the mosh pits. But after there act was done the Vandals came on & my friends & I found out that Theo was in the crowd so i decided to go introduce myself to her & she was so nice I said thank you for signing my poster earlier & she said no problem & gave me a hug & shook my hand. I was totally excited.. Then MY friends asked her if she would sign their shirts that they were wearing & she did. And then she went up on stage to sing with the Vandals & when the show was over We went to go see if we could see her outside where I had met Courtney Love in like '94. & WE did WE saw her & she said hi & that she remembered us from earlier. I then asked her if she would sign my pants & of course she did. She signed right next to where i had written Bowie on my pantleg & then she said " oh bowie,huh?" I said yeah he's my idol, then she said me too. It was totally awesome. My friend erin Asked if she could give her something, so she gave her one of her zines that she wrote called The Kill Grrrl THeo said she would read it in the van. Annnd then we all hugged and said goodbye...

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July 1997 Benefit for Hale House, NYC

so.... it was july something 1997 and i had never evn heard of the lunachicks. I was at a show with like 15 bands playing to benefit hale house. I got there for the first band and stayed till the last. Anyway, Theo was hosting this little shindig and she didn't have any makeup on. She was still beautiful. She was so cute, giving away things and stuff. I was anxiously awaiting them to hear what they would sound like. So, when they come on, it was glitter and color evrywhere. Their tattoos were blaring and Theo looked like a crazy barbie doll from hell. Their show was the best of my life, i just wish that i would've known the words then like i do now. There was sporks flying and they had so much energy and i felt dizzy amongst the sweat and 200 pound men falling on me. Her red white and blue getup was too cute. They mostly played stuff off of pretty ugly, but they still rocked the house. God, they're so great. SEE THEM LIVE! it will change your life. It sure changed mine!

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