Lunachicks Show Reviews 2004


April 24 @ 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.-Benefit for March for Women's Lives

It was great to see the Lunachicks after 4 years since I last saw them in early summer of 2000. The weather was great for the drive up to DC, I found a parking space on T street with no trouble + it was only $10 to get in. Missed the opening bands, but got there just in time for the start of the Lunachicks set.
their set list was (not in order):
Jan Brady
Drop Dead
Light As A Feather
Jerk Of All Trades
The Day Squid's Gerbil Died
Dear Dotti
Don't Want You
Less Teeth More Tits
Luxury Problem
Say What You Mean
Nowhere Fast
Shut You Out
Down at the Pub
(have I forgotten anything?)
If I had thought about it, I should have asked Gina for them to do "Brickface & Stucco" when I saw Bantam play Richmond a few weeks ago.
The funniest part of the show was when Gina + Theo's hair got tangled up + they couldn't separate themselves. Helen (who was their acting road person for the show) had to come out and untangle them. Other bands might have have embarrassed by it, but they laughed it off saying it topped everything else they could think of as "funniest moments on stage"
I only hope its not another 4 years before they play another show again....
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