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 WHERE THE HELL IS L7!? Recording? Maybe. Janis (bass) is also playing with Fireball Ministry at the moment.....Slap Happy was released in 1999, and after that, L7 toured non stop, so all has been quiet on the L7 front for about a year now...Stay tuned to the official L7 page for updates! 

+Sept 2003 UPDATE!! CHECK OUT JENN FINCH'S NEW BAND, THE SHOCKER!!! They sound more like L7 than Finch's previous band, Other Star People, did. Buy their CD NOW!

+According to the official L7 web site, Donita will be releasing a "solo" album soon. Strangely, her band also features Dee on drums...hmmm...L7 with no Suzi!??? (The band claims they have not broken up)

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