Dickson County, Tennessee, Court Minutes

Wells, Carol.   Pioneers of Dickson County Tennessee; A Genealogical Abstact of the Earliest Minute Books; March 1804-January 1807;January 1812-January 1814; July 1816-January 1818.  Nacogdoches, TX Ericson, 1988
Monday A.M September 15, 1806. The Court pursuant to adjournment met at the house of Mr. John Spencer in the town of Charlotte. . . .

Barton Scroggins given leave to keep an ordinary at his new dwelling house in this county for one year.

John Spencer given leave to keep an ordinary at his new dwelling house in the Town of Charlotte for one year.

There is a county history that gives the name as "Burton Scroggins"


[Page 135, July 1816]
William Miller appointed overseer of the road leading from sd Millers to the Dickson County line on to where the marked way intersects the old road between Barton Scroggins and John A. Bakers authorising said overseer to go around James McClellands field so as to do the field as little injury as possible. also John Baker appointed overseer of said road from where the new way intersects the old road on to the county line. William Miller is to have all the hands on the waters of Jones creek belonging to Easons road and the residue of the hands on Penney and the waters of Piney to be attached to John Baker.
There is more information about John and John A. Baker at http://dctn.com.  One source quoted there suggests that John A. Baker bought land from Lewis Russell.   Another says John A. Baker settled in the southwest part of the county in 1806 next to John Tatum and was a road overseer after 1815.  Tatum was a Rev. War veteran and is buried in Dickson County.
[Page 180, 7 October 1817]
"Samuel Sparks appointed overseer of road leading from Charlotte to Vernon and that he work from William Millers to the nine mile tree and that he have the following hands William Miller, William McClelland, Nelson McClelland, John McClelland, Thomas Bullion, John West, Thomas Hutson, William Roy, Isaac Roy, John Walker, Willis Walker, William Wright, Jeremiah Word, Pryor Scroggins, Adeson Meek. John Tatom appointed overseer of the road leading from Charlotte to Vernon, and that he work from the nine mile tree to the county line at William Lovels and that he have the following hands Stephen Tatom, Richard Tatom, James Tatom, William Tatom, William Hudson, John Scott, David McClanehan, John Baker, John A. Baker, James Baker, Richmond Baker, Armstrong Baker, Absolam Baker, Samuel Tubb, Pleasant Hart, Anderson England, Rosamon P. Scott."
The location of the "nine mile tree" is unknown.  Vernon was then the county seat of Hickman County.  The modern community of Dickson had not been established this early.  It is about half way way between Charlotte and the Hickman County line, and between 8 and 9 road miles distant from each, thus the "nine mile tree" may have been roughly where Dickson is today, or slightly south.
Wells, Carol.  Dickson County, Tennessee, County and Circuit Court Minutes,1816-1828, and Witness Docket. Abstracted by Carol Wells, Heritage Books, Inc.
Monday April 3d 1826. . . .
. . . Thomas Bullian to oversee road begining [sic] at old Vernon road and work to what is called the Contrary Pond with hands Eli Crow, Isaac Crow, John Meek, Jno Scroggins, Jesse Alexander, Isaac Walker & hands, Wm Willey, Wm Right, Richard Wright.

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