21. Benjamin3 Dutton (Benjamin2, Thomas1) was born in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts 11 May 1813.(369) Benjamin died 16 September 1884 in Charlestown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, at age 71.(370) His body was interred in Hill Cemetery in Newburyport, Essex Co., Massachusetts.(371)

He married twice. He married Martha Ann Ash 9 October 1836 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.(372) Martha was born 28 August 1816 in Newburyport, Essex Co., Massachusetts.(373) She was the daughter of Nathaniel Ash and Elizabeth (Betsy) Coffin. He married Harriet Small 2 November 1861 in Newburyport, Essex Co., Massachusetts.(374) Harriet was born 14 February 1819 in Deer Isle, Hancock Co., Maine. She was the daughter of Benjamin Small and Mary M. ?.

Benjamin Dutton and Martha Ann Ash had the following children:

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