Palm Funday!

Oh, I love my Palm Pilot! Not only does it help keep me organized, but it also acts as my own personal GameBoy. While everyone else on the bus is doing this reading thing and acting so high and mighty, I'm amusing myself with a wide variety of games and other amusements - to wit -

Oh, it's just about the best game ever! Wander through NYC buying and selling drugs. Don't get caught by the police, though, they take all your drugs and half your cash. My personal score is $122,000,000. I've got a friend who says he made $220,000,000, but I'm not sure if I believe hime

The next best game. It's pretty straight forward. You need to get five of the same pieces in a row. Each time you don't three new pieces are thrown down until the board fills up.

The water is flowing and it's up to you to lay pipes before it overflows. This is rapidly becoming my favorite game.

This game is best played on a color Palm. It's pretty basic - remove all the tiles from the board. The more tiles you remove, the higher your score. Very configurable from 2 colors to 10!

Pig Mirrors
Actually, nothing to do with pigs. This drawing program mirrors your pen strokes in four quadrants. Hint for business users - It actually looks like your taking notes!

Simple program that tells you what phase the moon is in. Useful for predicting when you or your loved ones may flip out due to a full moon

Simple program that tells you how far away the lightning is. Useful for predicting whether you or your loved one my be hit by lightning

Rally 1000
This is the Palm version of Millebornes. Fairly addictive. Caution - If you play on the "killer" setting you will lose most of the time.


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