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Reading, reading, reading. So much to read. I could be reading right now, but instead I'm spending my precious time writing instead of reading and I hope you appreciate it because if you don't I'll be so angry and upset that all the work I've done has been wasted...Jesus, I need a meeting!

What have I been reading lately....let's seeeeee...

A Series Of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket
"If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle." Thus begins the first book in a 13 books series (with each book having 13 chapters) following the woeful misadventures of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, whose parents are killed in a fire on page 3. I'm putting these in the regular section since 1) I haven't made the kids book section yet and 2) I'm eating them up as much as Emma is. This is black humor for kids. And the references fly like Dennis Miller on a good day. Klaus and Sunny (von Bulow). Mr. Poe, the caretaker. And any children's author who references Thomas Pynchon deserves to be read.

Sister Aimee : The Life of Aimee Semple McPherson - Daniel Mark Epstein
Aimee Semple McPherson was the founder of the Foursquare Church, which still exists today. Oral Roberts is/was one of the preachers. What makes this book so incredible is her remarkable non-dependence on men. She was probably one of the first women to travel cross-country by car in 1919. Not as easy as it sounds. She was the first woman to own a radio station. Oh yeah, and she could make the blind see and the cripples walk. Oh, and she was kidnapped for 32 days and didn't really have that good an excuse as to what happened. A fabulous story!

Groucho : The Life and Times of Julius Henry Marx - Stephan Kanfer
Just a wonderful biography.

Suits Me - Diane Wood Middlebrook

I should probably talk to my therapist about why I keep getting drawn to these books on cross dressing women. This is the biography of Billy (Dorothy) Tipton, a jazz pianist and saxaphonist who lived as a man for 54 years until her death. Barely anyone knew, including his five wives. And those that did know, didn't really care since she was a good musician and a good man. Fasinating reading.

Music For Torching - A. M. Homes

Dorthy Parker has been quoted as saying "Please, God, let me write like a man." A. M. Homes has succeded. This is a stunningly disturbing book. Funny as hell and very dark. It starts with couple trying to burn down their suburban home because they can't stand anything anymore. It goes on from there.

The Queen of Whale Quay - Kate Summerscale

Just a fabulous read! The biography of a 1920's lesbian speedboat racer who drops out of sight, buys an island and installs herself a queen. Oh, yeah, and her faithful companion Lord Tod Wadely...who's a doll.

Huey Long

Govenor of Louisana in the 1930's, he ran for president and was assassinated. Shrewd beyond belief, beneficially corrupt, he almost brought down Standard Oil. A fascinating man.

Masters Of Atlantis - Charles Portis

Described by some as a white comedy, this is just a charmingly funny book. It's a tour de force of writing. That Portis can cover so much ground in such little space is mind boggling. The plot can't be adequately described, but it's about how a chance encounter in WWI and one man's faith can start a religion.

The Dog Of The South - Charles Portis

Yes, again! Blame Werner Trieschman. He started me off on it. This one's about an over-priviledge ne'erdowell who wife runs off with his best friend and his car. He's slightly more interested in getting the car back than her. And he loves listening to civil war lectures on tape. Throw in a motivational book writer and you've got a fantastic road book.




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