In the picture above I was on the tailgate of my pickup truck on Skyline Drive, VA, participating in the annual 10 GHz contest. I have now upgraded to SSB 10 GHz using a converted MA/COM white box.The help of Jeff Kruth, WA3ZKR, and colleagues is gratefully acknowledged.My next goal is to get operational on 411 GHz in the course of 2003-2004.

I hold an Extra class license from the FCC. My amateur call letters are AB4YK. I am active in amateur radio, and I participate in the local Fauquier Amateur Radio Associationís club activities.I also participate in an excellent group of volunteer examiners in FARA's FCC volunteer examination sessions twice yearly.

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Those interested in the Amateur Radio emergency Service will be interested in the Virginia ARES web page. Take a look at

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I am particularly interested in VHF propagation under Sporadic-E conditions. Sporadic-E is a mode of propagation via the ionosphere that like its name implies is sporadic in nature. Normally the E-layer of the ionosphere only permits fairly low frequency operation. But when sporadic-E conditions prevail VHF communications can be made by single hops of 700 - 1500 miles even though this part of the ionosphere is normally unable to sustain such high frequency communication. Through interpretation of data in the findings of amateur experimenters, I have hypotheisized that the sporadic-E mode of propagation owes its existence directly to clouds of micrometeoritic particles that are orbiting the sun, basically following the same paths as comets. The meteoritic hypothesis has not been successfully challenged. But neither has it been universally acclaimed.

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