History of Women in Astronomy - Notes
I have been doing research on the History of Women in Astronomy since 1984 when I was asked to give a talk to the local chapter of the American Association of University Women. Although I was able to give an acceptable presentation, I found it difficult to produce, what I felt was, a satisfactory number of examples. Since then I have documented the names of over 300 women who have contributed to the science of astronomy either as a scientist, educator or popular writer. My research does not extend much beyond the 1940s and starts about 2800 BCE. Currently, I have fairly complete biographies for about 1/3, partials for a second 1/3, and smatterings here and there for the rest.

This page, therefore, will be an on-going project to better document these collected notes, as well as to provide a resource for anyone who is interested in the information - BDM.

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