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Glyphilia: by Robert McNally. "This page is for gylphiles, i.e., lovers of glyphs and systems of thought integrated with glyphs. Not intended to be exhaustive or authoritative, it's a showcase of some of the more interesting glyph-oriented sites I've come across."

Langmaker: by Jeffrey Henning. "Some people build model airplanes, some craft model trains and some... well, they invent model languages. Model languages can be everything from a few words of made-up slang to a rigorously developed system of interrelated imaginary tongues." Links arranged by topics

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Symbols, Signs & Glyphs


Designing Icons and Visual Symbols

Metaphor in Diagrams

Widgit Rebus


Books that I've bought to help with this project. The ones I like better are starred. The ones I like best are starred twice.

Fonts & Clip Art

Just a few places to poke around and get interesting signs & symbols:

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