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(Important Note: I have only uploaded the glyphs I have used in practice sentences and sample constructions. Therefore, not every glyph indicated on these "source" pages is available on my website at the moment. Instead, you'll probably see a lot of these little guys, , indicating that the image can't be loaded.)

I'm probably going to annoy the hell out of all the logicians out there. they've spent generations refining a system of symbols that have precise philosophical meanings, and now I come along and steal them to use in something as ambiguous as language.

a b "if a, then b"
a b "a, if b"
a "not a"
a b "a and b"
a b "a or b"
(x) "it is possible that x"
(x) "it is necessary that x"
(x) "for all x ..."
(x) "for some x ..."; "there is an x ..."
a b "a, therefore b"
a b "a, because b"

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