Egyptian Hieroglyphics

(Important Note: I have only uploaded the glyphs I have used in practice sentences and sample constructions. Therefore, not every glyph indicated on these "source" pages is available on my website at the moment. Instead, you'll probably see a lot of these little guys, , indicating that the image can't be loaded.)

eye of Horus

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Egyptian origins of the Alphabet

Hieroglyphics became our alphabet through a long, convoluted process of simplification and adjustment. If we backtrack a few steps, we could use some of these same symbols as pictographs again. Most of these lines of descent are still being disputed by linguists.

Hieroglyph Became? Meaning? Synonym?
A ox
B house
G, C throwing stick
D daleth
H, E rejoice
F, U, V, W, Y hook
L goad
X rope
I, J hand
K palm
M water
N fish
O eye
P mouth
Q monkey
R head
S tooth
T mark
Z arrow

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