Sources of Symbols


The Planets

Planet Weekday God Metal Color Temperment
Earth Gaia earthy
Sun Sunday gold gold sunny
Moon Monday silver silver lunatic
Mars Tuesday Mars iron red martial
Mercury Wednesday Mercury mercury purple mercurial
Jupiter Thursday Jupiter tin blue jovial
Venus Friday Venus copper green venereal
Saturn Saturday Saturn lead black saturnine

The Zodiac

Symbol Name Translation (Image) Icon Months Alchemic Process Body Part
Aries Ram March-April Calcination Head
Taurus Bull April-May Congelation Neck
Gemini Twins May-June Fixation Shoulders, arms & hands
Cancer Crab June-July Dissolution Chest, lungs & stomach
Leo Lion July-Aug. Digestion Heart & spine
Virgo Virgin Aug.-Sept. Distillation Digestive system
Libra Scales Sept.-Oct. Sublimation Kidneys & bladder
Scorpio Scorpion Oct.-Nov. Separation Genitals
Sagitarius Archer (Centaur) Nov.-Dec. Ceration Thighs
Capricorn Goathorn (Fishgoat) Dec.-Jan. Fermentation Knees & Bones
Aquarius Water carrier Jan.-Feb. Multiplication Lower legs
Pisces Fishes Feb.-March Projection Feet

Later & Lesser Planets

These were only discovered after the invention of the telescope, so there isn't much lore surrounding them:


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