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An irregular and intermittent collection of links to help us understand where we came from and how we got here, and who we had to step over and/or sleep with in our merciless climb to the top.

14 May 2006 [make link]

Battle of Shiloh: Shattering Myths

28 March 2006 [make link]

The Movie Timeline is the history of everything you see in the movies.


  • Will Graham captures Hannibal Lecter (Manhunter; Red Dragon)
  • March: The Earth's population - except Dr Robert Neville - is killed or turned into mutants by biological warfare between Russia and China (The Omega Man)
  • Los Angeles - Austin Powers arrives at Studio 69 from 2003 to rescue his father from Goldmember (Austin Powers in Goldmember)

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8 Feb. 2006 [make link]

Pictures of Muhammad throughout history

6 Feb. 2006 [make link]

The original Nigerian Scam was the Spanish Prisoner.

25 Jan. 2006 [make link]

Does this mean we're allowed to sell skulls on e-bay as long as they aren't Native American?

21 Jan. 2006 [make link]

Bottom line: is King Kong plausible or not?

3 Dec. 2005 [make link]

Liam's Pictures from Old Books

2 Dec. 2005 [make link]


1 Dec. 2005: An Off-Topic Christmas Suggestion [make link]

Here's a quick way to double the value of your Christmas gift giving. Instead of buying your sister/nephew/friend a book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, buy it from a small independent book store. Instead of mobbing Petsmart or Toys R Us or, God forbid, Walmart, shop locally. Instead of paying $15 dollars to a huge, heartless multinational, pay it to a neighbor who needs your business. That instantly doubles the karma value of your gift. And even if it's a tiny bit more expensive, that extra dollar you spend at a smaller store supports your local economy.

9 Nov. 2005 [make link]

History's Worst Software Bugs

7 Nov. 2005 [make link]

Medieval Lion Skulls Reveal Secrets of Tower of London Zoo

7 Nov. 2005 [make link]

Maunsell Sea Forts

3 Nov. 2005 [make link]

We've had false alarms before.

26 Oct. 2005 [make link]

Last gasp for Yangtze dolphins

23 Oct. 2005 [make link]

The development of the codpiece

22 Oct. 2005 [make link]

Ancient Indian mathematics and numerals

13 Oct. 2005 [make link]

Archaeologists (or is it just journalists?) can be a cold-blooded lot:

"The team discovered the twisted, tangled skeletons of a community that died horribly in some forgotten catastr...Oh, look! Noodles!"

10 Oct. 2005 [make link]

The coolest history topic ever: death rays of the ancient Greeks.

9 Oct. 2005 [make link]

Beowulf, Beowulf, Beowulf

8 Oct. 2005 [make link]

When they began talking about the cost of the destruction and rebuilding from Katrina, I made a list to try and understand how much money that really is.

7 Oct. 2005 [make link]

What did dinosaurs used to look like before we decided what they look like now?

6 Oct. 2005 [make link]

Six Drinks That Changed History

5 Oct. 2005 [make link]

September 11

3 Sept. 2005 [make link]

The number displaced by Katrina is the highest in US history, and probably among the top ten in the world at the moment. Counting the dead could take decades. And while we're studying history, remember that everyone knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

14 August 2005 [make link]

I've been lazy this summer (except for one big project) but I just designed this chart of nuclear proliferation.

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