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I'll never get around to drawing every map that needs drawing, so here are other maps on other sites drawn by other people. And remember -- these are all external sites, so don't blame them for problems you may have discovered on my site, and vice versa.

I don't have a search engine here, but if you're curious about a particular topic, you might want to use [CONTROL]-[F], and then type in a simple keyword(s), like croatia or world war or (****.

Broad Outline of Links:

Remember: history is an intersection of time and place, so to find maps of an event, be sure to check both Time and Place. To find maps of Medieval England, for example, check both the Middle Ages and Great Britain.

Detailed Chronological List of Maps and Atlases:

Natural History

World History


Ancient World

Medieval World

Modern Era

United States of America

The Twentieth Century

Hidden, Revealed or Imagined

General Reference Sites

Online Map Libraries and Impressive Link Lists:

Online Histories of the Twentieth Century:

Useful Historical Reference Sites:

Classification Guide

(*****) Many detailed maps, drawn especially for display on the Internet.

(****) Many detailed maps, apparently scanned from printed sources.

(***) Intermediate number of maps -- say, 4 to 15.

(**) Single map, very detailed. Maybe two or three.

(*) Single map, basic information. May be useful for homework assignments.

(@) Animated maps.

(#) Above-average interactivity.

NOTE: I'm not judging the quality of these maps, only the quantity. I'm trying to assess the amount of work that went into them and the amount of information you're likely to get back. And I'm only assessing the maps themselves, not the non-cartographic information accompanying them on the site. (A one-star map could easily illustrate a five-star essay.)

Also, my primary purpose here is to locate and link to historical maps (those which illustrate history) rather than antique maps (those which originated long ago) -- although there is quite a bit of overlap.

MIA: If a link is tagged with a neon MIA, it means that the last time I checked, it had disappeared. Even so, I don't want to be too hasty in weeding dead links, so I'll just wait awhile and hope that it's just a temporary glich which will be fixed in a jiffy. Those sites that I've entirely given up all hope of ever seeing again have been moved to my missing links page.

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