Shrunken Headbangers Merchandise!
Officially licensed merchandise from the Band With No Shame

Shrunken Headbanger T-Shirts - Wear the exact same shirts worn by the band in concert! All shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, "Beefy Tees." Shirt features the Shrunken Headbangers' full picture logo with giant SH imposed on "Hugh Jorgan," the band's shrunken head logo on front. Shirt back has Shrunken Headbanger text logo in distinctive fonts. Two styles available: long sleeve (SHB0001, $20, pictured) and short sleeve (SHB0001, $18, not shown). Specify size: M, L, XL. Supermodel not included.

The Shrunken Headbangers ANTHOLOGY - the ultimate musical experience! This three volume set delivers over 210 minutes of the best music from every phase of the band's illustrious career, all digitially remastered. Contains many previously unreleased songs - including all of the WHFS "Lunch Songs" - beautifully packaged with glossy booklets containing extensive liner notes, pictures, band history and more. The ANTHOLOGY (SHB00105CD, $20) will be available from Brain Damage Records by November 2001.

Shrunken Headbanger CDs - Hear the greatest music in the world, louder and clearer than you ever heard before! Each CD is completely digitally remastered from the original studio recordings and contains bonus tracks of previously unreleased material not found on the tape version! CDs released in 2000 by Brain Damage Records. Titles currently available: COLDCOCK (SHB00101CD, $10), SPECULUM (SHB00102CD, $10), STINK (SHB00103CD, $10) and SPEW (SHB00104CD, $10).

Shrunken Headbanger tapes - Hear the music that made the Shrunken Headbangers rich and famous! These are the four original studio recordings by the original artists - the Shrunken Headbangers - as originally released between 1993-1999 by Brain Damage Records. All four titles are available: COLDCOCK (SHB00101R, $5), SPECULUM (SHB00102, $5), and STINK (SHB00103, $5) and SPEW (SHB00104, $5).

Shrunken Headbanger cars - Show the world how much you truly love "the Band With No Shame" by driving your very own replica Shrunken Headbangermobile! Imagine how proud you'll feel as other drivers honk and wave their approval at your choice of automotive excellence. Each custom painted vehicle comes complete with CD player and Shrunken Headbanger CDs. Models available: Ford LTD (SHB01001, $29,999, pictured), Lamborghini GX-7000 (SHB01002, $99,999, not shown), Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (SHB01003, $159,999, not shown). Taxes and tags not included.

Shrunken Headbanger Video - Hear and SEE the world's greatest band in nearly two hours of action. Includes the Headbangers' live appearance on the Larz From Mars show, CNN and ABC coverage of the band's performance on the Prince William County courthouse steps during the Lorena Bobbitt trial, all three "Spam Man" (TM) animated Spam episodes, footage from the band's most memorable live shows, and all four Shrunken Headbanger song videos, including the unbelievable "Diseases" video and "Bodyart Girl," which earned the Shrunken Headbangers recognition by MTV for "originality." (SHB00201V, $35).

Shrunken Headbangers snow dome - A lovely and inexpensive way to show the world who your favorite band is! The Headbangers snow dome stands over four inches tall and contains two images, the gold-and-platinum Hugh Jorgan logo from the Shrunken Headbangers' ANTHOLOGY CD cover, plus a band photo on reverse. (SHB00702, $5).

Shrunken Headbangers BOOK - over 150 pages containing everything you ever wanted to know about "the band with no shame." Shrunken Headbangers - The Book is a handbound softcover packed with dozens of unpublished photos, reprints of news articles and the Headbanger Digest, even copies of promotional posters. Also has lyrics to every song, the complete band history, fascinating lists, and many other tasty morsels - even a copy of the original Hothead recipe! This is a very limited edition publication. (SHB00301, $20)

Shrunken Headbanger buttons - Tell the world about your favorite band by proudly displaying a Headbanger button! Available in a variety of styles - specify design when ordering: SHB Logo (SHB00501, $1), band studio photo (SHB00503, $1), I Love The SHB (SHB00502, $1), band kitchen photo (SHB00504, $1, not shown), band library photo (SHB00505, $1, not shown), Akira photo (SHB00511, $1), Ratko photo (SHB00512, $1), Caligula photo (SHB00510, $1, not shown), Chicken Wing photo (SHB00513, $1, not shown).

Shrunken Headbanger COLLECTOR BUTTONS - Don't miss this opportunity to acquire rare, out-of-print Shrunken Headbanger buttons! Get the complete set of photo buttons featuring bandmembers with their "old names:" Skippy, Mickey, and the Green Lunger (set of three = SHB00601, $5, shown). Or get a unique hand-colored design: BangersUSA (SHB00602, $3, not shown), BangersUK (SHB00603, $3, not shown), RastaBangers (SHB00604, $3, not shown). Please specify design when ordering. Supplies are very limited - order now!

Headbanger Digest - Cover your coffee table with back issues of the official fan magazine of the Shrunken Headbangers' Fan Club: the Headbanger Digest! From 1993 until 1996, when it was replaced by online sources, the Headbanger Digest was the only official source of information about the Band With No Shame. Now out of print, these back issues represent a fascinating treasure trove of entertainment, chock full of rare interviews and photos. Order back issues by volume: Volume I-1993 (SHB00311, $3), Volume II-1994 (SHB00312, $2), Volume III-1995 (SHB00313, $2).

Shrunken Headbanger RECTAL THERMOMETER - Concerned that you might have horrible disfiguring diseases? Be the first person on your cell block to find out whether you are carrying an infectious virus or a fungal infestation with this fully functional rectal thermometer! Fifteen inch long thermometer is crowned with a five-inch wide sculpture of Hugh Jorgan, the Shrunken Headbangers' official band mascot, for you to grab for easy insertion and retrieval. (SHB00701, $35)

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