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Toby Mason


Reflective Glass Mosaics

Tel: 703-242-2223


Autonomous pieces are available.  Commissions considered.


Publishing Credits

"First Son" (printed backwards), "Before the Wind" and the "Blue-Green Cosmos" first appeared in a book entitled Making Mosaics by Leslie Dierks, published in 1997 by Sterling/Lark books.

"The Watershed", "Atahualpa's Dream",  "Purple Sun", "Gold Sun", "Blue Cloud Sun" and "About Sundown" were featured in Design Sourcebook Mosaics by Martin Cheek, New Holland Publishers, London,  1998

"Forming of the World" (rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise to view correctly) and "Water Galaxy" (upside down) appeared in The New Mosaics by D.T. Dawson, Lark Books, Asheville 1999

"Forming of the World" and a small section of "Blue Cloud Sun" (both reproduced overexposed) appeared in The Complete Mosaic Handbook by Sarah Kelly, Firefly Books, Ontario, 2004


Toby Mason, a portrait of the artist at 55

1998...A little over halfway home.


One last thought...

Over the years this website has been visited by people from all over the world, speaking many tongues.  Should you wish to contact me in a language other than English, I will endeavor to translate your letter and reply.  Many of you return again and again to view the work....  Thank you

Heretofore much of my work has hung privately, away from public view.  This website is an effort to make sure that some part of the work is available to all.  Enjoy.



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