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Transforming Suffering and Confusion Into Well-Being and Meaning

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- Anxiety Disorders
- PTSD, Complex Trauma
- OCD, Bipolar Disorder
- phobias
- sleep problems
- Depression
- Chronic Pain / Illness Management
- stress / anger management
- Substance Abuse & Addictions

- Adults (20 and over)
- Elderly

- Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
- Clinical Hypnosis
- Behavior Therapy
- Mindfulness
- Motivational Enhancement
- Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
- Neurolinguistic Programming

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Kevin J. Drab, M.A., M.Ed.
- Licensed Professional Counselor
- Certified EMDR Therapist
- National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist
- Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor
- Ass't Clinical Professor, Behavioral Counseling, Drexel University


Psychological or physical difficulties can often cause unbearable emotional, mental and behavioral distress in our lives. In such circumstances it is normal to feel "stuck," hopeless, and alone. Additionally, those around us are frequently impacted by our condition, yet are unable to help.

At such times the assistance of a caring, trained professional can be invaluable in providing you with the resources and solutions you need to gain a healthy, fulfilling life. I am committed to working with you, using a wide range of rich therapeutic approaches, to resolve your suffering. Well-known for my results-based approach, I consider your time valuable, and avoid dwelling on nonessentials and aimless talking, focusing instead on developing actions and solutions you can apply immediately.

Good Therapy Is Never Boring!

Everything is a Solution!

While skilled in the conventional therapies, my methods are creative and often nontraditional, drawing on ideas and approaches from many sources, including other cultures. However, the key to my effectiveness lies in my empathy, candor, optimism, intuition, and ability to develop a deeply supportive, nonjudgemental relationship with you. Be prepared to experience challenge, surprise, excitement, and success as we work together to meet your needs.

I work with a variety of problems, and specialize in treating trauma, anxiety disorders (including general anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobia, and panic attacks), chronic pain or illness management, loss and grief, habits, drug and/or alcohol abuse, individuals with both psychiatric and addiction problems, depression, relationship difficulties, and troubled healthcare professionals. As a military retiree spending the last few years of service providing therapy to all ranks and branches of the service, I am attuned to the unique needs of military, police and security personnel and their families. My practice also includes helping individuals to develop successful recovery programs (mental illness, addictions, or pain/illness), and assisting individuals to work on their spiritual and/or religious concerns.

I am knowledgeable in (and teach) psychopharmacology and welcome the opportunities to work in collaboration with the prescribing doctor, especially when side-effects, "residual symptoms," or adherence are of concern. I will involve significant others in the therapeutic process when appropriate, and use psychoeducation and homework. I also clinically supervise, train, and consult with other clinicians in the area.

To discuss your problem with me and arrange an initial appointment please contact me via the phone number or e-mail address at the top and bottom of this page. All communications will be treated as confidential, and your privacy is my highest priority; however, please read the notice below.

Training, Consulting & Clinical Supervision

In addition to working for twenty-seven years as a therapist and clinical supervisor in the behavioral healthcare field, I have recently completed seven years as a full-time professor in the Behavioral Counseling degree program at Drexel University's Hahnemann campus in Philadelphia, PA, teaching others the skills of psychotherapy. I continue as a part-time professor in the program. I regularly provide clinical trainings to clinicians, and presentations to the general public on a variety of subjects including mental disorders and their treatment, drug and alcohol abuse/addiction, psychopharmacology, specific methods of therapy, relationships, suicide, stress management, meditation, pain management, coping with loss and change, and spirituality.

I provide clinical supervision to therapists on an individual basis as well with small groups of clinicians interested in more advanced training and supervision in a particular therapeutic modality. Such sessions are normally held once a week for two to three hours. I also provide general supervision in individual and group sessions.

The information in this website is intended for information purposes only. Serious clinical conditions and syndromes should be evaluated and treated by a healthcare professional. Contact through this website with my office is not to be construed as entering a therapeutic relationship. While every effort will be made to maintain internet-conveyed information as confidential, no confidentiality should be assumed due to the inherent inability to control such electronically distributed information. Names and personal information supplied through this website will NOT be sold or otherwise transferred to other individuals or organizations.
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