Services and Fees

Individual Counseling Session: $130.00 for between one to two hour session (flat fee).

Telephone/E-mail/Texting Counseling: (This would only occur if you are already seeing me for live individual sessions. There is no charge for brief phone conversations, e-mails, or texts which do not involve actual counseling.): $30 per 15 minutes

Individual Counseling Session Visting You at Your Home or Office: (must be within 25 miles of my office): $150 per hour (no additional charge for travel)

Assessment / Evaluations will be $160 per hour (Additional Report/Form completion and Mailing: $40 to $65 depending on time and activity required).

Case Summaries: (usually 2 to 4 pages in place of supplying session notes and other documents) to Office of Disabilities, care providers, third party payers, lawyers, and agencies will be $40 to $75 determined by time and purpose. Note: brief letters describing the highpoints of the case, or confirming attendance will be $35 if no other documentation is required.

Consultation With Your Caregiver: $45 per 15 minutes

Group Psychotherapy: (general, addictions, pain management): $40.00 per 90-minute session.

Specialized Groups: (e.g., co-occurring, forensics, geriatrics): Varies.
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Training, Workshops, Speaking: Fees are determined by variables such as training goals, subject, preparation time, research, copying, equipment, required assistance, travel, and number of attendees.

Illustrative fees for up to 50 participants: charges average $250 per hour, $700 per three hours, and $1,400 per full day (typically 6 hours of training plus lunch break). More than 50 participants would involve proportional increases in charges.

Travel distances over 15 miles will typically be charged $5 per each additional 10 miles.

Consultation Services: Typically $100 to $900 per hour as determined by task.

Clinical Supervision
Individuals seeking licensure as a professional counselor please note: I meet the requirements as set for in 49 Pa. Code section 49.3(1) and 49 Pa. section 49.13 as a Licensed professional Counselor to provide supervision to those individuals seeking licensure. Please consult the State Board's licensure application process to ensure you are complying with all the necessary qualifications.

Clinical Supervision for an individual: $55 per hour in my office. $70 per hour for supervision at place of work. Travel distance beyond 15 miles may also be charged.

Clinical Supervision for a group of practitioners: $40 per hour or more per individual as determined by focus of group activity and goals of participants (such as licensure)

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