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2002 - SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE SILK ROAD GO DEMO. Click here to view photos of local Go volunteers in action at the fabulous Silk Road Folk Life Festival. The Festival took place on the National Mall and lasted from June 26 to July 7.

2002 - FENG YUN, 9-DAN, IN GAITHERSBURG, MD. This site shows photos from a September 29, 2002 dinner at the New Fortune Restaurant.

2002 - ALGC GO Demo at the Berman Hebrew Academy of Rockville MD. This demonstration was held on October 23, 2002. Jonathan and Leah Bresler organized this event in collaboration with the Arthur Lewis Go Club. Over 100 students participated.
2003/4 - CHEVY CHASE GAMES. The Chevy Chase Community Center (CCCC) at 5601 Connecticut Ave, NW, Washington, DC held free game meetings every 1st Monday of the month. Host Todd Heidenreich ran the meetings from 630-900 PM. Chess, Go, Quinto, and Carcassonne were among the games available. This program closed in fall 2004. Contact Todd at todd@capitalgo.org for more information.

2004/5 - SMART MOVES SUMMER CAMP. The Montgomery County Recreation Department launched a pilot summer camp program in 2004 to introduce a variety of challenging strategy board games for children ages 8-12. The program was called SMART MOVES and attracted 45-50 children. The games inventory included several sets of starter Go games. SMART MOVES is a part of the county's 2005 Summer Camp program. The program was discontinued in 2006, but it introduced Go and many other games to a large number of county pre-teens.

2004/5 - YORKTOWN ES GRANT. The Yorktown ES in Bowie, MD received an education grant in October 2004 to start an after school strategy games program. Go sets are part of the games inventory.

2004/5 - ST. COLUMBA AFTER-SCHOOL GAMES. The St. Columba School in Oxon Hill, MD started an after school strategy games program in 2004 that included Go.

2004/5 - TAKOMA PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL GAMES CLUB. The Takoma Park MS transformed their chess-only club into a multiple games club in 2004. Go was one of many new games introduced there.

2004/5/6/7/8/9 - GAMES SUPPORT TO SENIORS. Outreach programs were initiated with several local assisted living facilities and with various senior community houses to expose their residents to new games and fresh ideas. Monthly, and even weekly, support was provided to the Kingshire Assisted Living Facility, the Sunrise Senior Living Center, the Leafy House Retirement Center, and the Takoma Tower (now Victory Towers) Retirement Apartments. This support was extended to two senior apartment residences in Rockville in 2008: The Bethany House and The Rockville Town Center Apartments. A monthly Games Night continues to be held at the Bethany House, as of 7/2014. 

2005 - GREENBELT STRATEGY GAMES CLUB. Active as of 7/2014. The Greenbelt (MD) Strategy Games Club opened in January 2005. Sponsored by the Greenbelt Recreation Department, this activity includes starter and full-sized Go sets on site.

2005 - BAUER DRIVE CC GAMES CLUB. Dormant as of 8/2009. The Bauer Drive Community Center (Rockville) started in January 2005, with Go sets as part of the inventory. Hosted by Todd Heidenreich and John Goon, in collaboration with the Montgomery County Recreation Department.

2005 - SUPPORT TO THE JAPAN AMERICAN SOCIETY. Go volunteers Juan Pablo Quizon, Chiemi Mori and her son Keiju Takehara, Kori Fisk, Ching-Sung Chin, Kabe Chin, Kevin Chin, and John Goon taught Go to competitors at the annual national finals of the Japan Bowl on March 26 in the Washington Hilton. On April 9, over a dozen area Go players demonstrated and taught Go at the annual National Cherry Blossom Sakura Matsuri event. Over 500 tri-fold flyers and 100 Way to Go booklets were distributed. Go volunteers has lent their support to the JAS every year since (as of 2014).

2005 - TAKOMA PARK INTERGENERATIONAL STRATEGY GAMES CLUB. Active as of 8/2009. A Takoma Foundation grant provided the impetus to establish a Takoma Park Intergenerational Strategy Games Club on April 19, 2005. The club offers many games for young and old alike. Starter Go sets are available on site. The Club continues to be an active component of the community (as of 2014) and includes Rummikub, Bridge, Carcassonne, and many other games.

2005 - GREAT FALLS YOUTH GO & CHESS CLUB. Active as of 8/2009. Hosted by Ching-Sung Chin. The meeting site is 1210 Forestville Drive, Great Falls, VA 22066. For details, call 703-757-0895 or write to chin8673@yahoo.com.

2008 - Frederick GO/Games CLUB. Dormant as of 8/2009. This club was initiated by high schooler Mark Thomas of Frederick, MD. It met in the LIFE and Discovery Center, 1 West 2nd Street, in downtown Frederick. The schedule was every 1st Saturday of the month. For more info, write to spineyone@yahoo.com.

2010 - Lunar New Year celebration Go Workshops at the Lake Forest Mall (Gaithersburg MD) and the Francis Scott Key Mall (Frederick MD). Feb 2010. This is ongoing, as of 2014.

2010 - National Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura Matsuri. April 2010. An annual event that has been supported by the local area Go Clubs since 2000.  

2010 - Rockville Go/Weiqi/Baduk Event. April 2010. Tournament, internet match with Jiaxing China, and outreach activities. Rockville Memorial Library. Fundraiser for Rockville Sister City Corporation.

2010 - Smithsonian Folk Life Festival. July 2010. Go teaching workshop. In support of the Asian Pacific cultural family activity.

2011 - Lunar New Year celebration Go Workshops at Lake Forest Mall (Gaithersburg MD) and Francis Scott Key Mall (Frederick MD). Feb 2011.

2011 - National Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura Matsuri. April 2011. Two tents, 15 volunteers, 300+ visitors.

2012 - Lunar New Year celebration Go Workshops at the Lake Forest Mall (Gaithersburg MD) and the Francis Scott Key Mall (Frederick MD). Feb 2012.

2012 - National Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura Matsuri. April 2012. Another successful event. Heavily supported by the local area Go Clubs.

2012 - Rockville Go Event featuring Chinese Weiqi professional. August 2012. Six game simultaneous. Lectures.

2013 - National Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura Matsuri. April 2013. Yet another successful event. Great local support by the volunteers.

2014 - Lunar New Year celebration Go Workshops at the Lake Forest Mall (Gaithersburg MD) and the Francis Scott Key Mall (Frederick MD). Feb 2014. Continues support of these outreach opportunities.

2014 - National Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura Matsuri. April 2014. Again, a highly successful event with an exceptional turnout. 

2014 - Smithsonian Institute's Summer Folk Life Festival -  CHINA. June-July 2014.  Go Workshops were conducted on June 28/29 and  July 5/6. About 200 people a day received introductory lessons. The volunteers included: John Goon, Todd Heidenreich, Kevin Stefanik, Gurujeet Khalsa, Ben Hong, Laurie Ensworth, Yi Weng, Sam Lee, Juan Pablo Quizon, Edbert Hsu, Matt Payton, Julian Erville, Justen Teng, Kabe Chin, Ching-Sung Chin,  Mike Pak, and Nathan Epstein. 

General and Special Information:


Where to buy GO books and equipment locally (MD/DC/NOVA).

Recommended GO books for the new player.

Craig Hutchinson's Go Web Site. Craig was a Falls Church, VA resident and long time American Go Association (AGA) Archivist. His site offers a highly imaginative and unique vision of Go and includes an astounding index of AGA historical items. Craig other love was swing dancing and he was a key regional organizer. Craig passed away in Oct 2007. 


Places to Play Go and Strategy Games:

Annandale Korean Baduk Club, Annandale, VA - Seven days a week from 10 AM to 12 Midnight. 7369 McWhorter, Apt 411 in Annandale, VA. Phone 703-658-9277.

Arthur Lewis Go Club, Wheaton MD - At the Mid-County Community Rcreation Center (Montgomery County Maryland) at 2004 Queensguard Road. TUESDAYS, from 630 to 845.

Ashburn Go Club, Ashburn VA - DISCONTINUED. This club held its first meeting on Sunday, October 22, 2006. The meeting location was the Ashburn Library, 43316 Hay Road.

Baltimore Go Club, Catonsville MD - SUNDAYS at 730 PM.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Rockville MD - DISCONTINUED. This had been held every last FRIDAY of the month, since August 2002. 700 PM to 900 PM.

Bauer Drive CC Strategy Games Club, Rockville MD - DISCONTINUED as of 2009. Had met on THURSDAYS at 600 PM. 14625 Bauer Drive. Generic strategy games. Includes Go. Host: Todd Heidenreich. todd@capitalgo.org.

Beltsville Strategy Games Club, Beltsville MD - MONDAYS at 630 PM. Generic board and card games. Includes Go sets. Free.

Columbia Chinese Language School Go Club, Columbia MD - DORMANT.

DC Metropolitan Go Club, Washington DC - DORMANT as of 2005.

Dream Wizards Game Store, Rockville MD - DISCONTINUED. Intro workshops had been held on the first TUESDAY of the month, from 6 to 8. 11772 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852. Phone: 301-881-3530.

Dupont Circle Go Club, Washington DC (Started Feb 2015, DISCONTINUED May 2016.) - Had met on 2nd THURSDAY and 4th TUESDAY of each month from 6 to 9 PM.  Pain Quotidien, 20th and P Streets, N.W.  (2000 P Street, N.W). lensworth@verizon.net, stuswe@aol.com, or michael.albert.russell@gmail.com.

Ellicott City Baduk Club, Ellicott City MD - DORMANT? SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS from 730 pm to Midnight.

Frederick (MD) Go Club, Frederick MD - DISCONTINUED.

Georgetown University Go Club, Washington DC - https://www.facebook.com/groups/GtownGo/?ref=ts&fref=ts. Sundays from 4:00pm to 7:00pm in the Healy Family Student Center on Georgetown's main campus. David, dne3@georgetown.edu.

Greater Washington Go Club, Bethesda MD - FRIDAYS from 8 to 12 AM.

Germantown Go Group, Germantown MD - DISCONTINUED.

Great Falls Go & Chess Club, Great Falls VA - FRIDAY evenings. For details, contact Ching-Sung Chin at chin8673@yahoo.com.

Greenbelt Strategy Games Club, Greenbelt MD - TUESDAYS at 600 PM. Greenbelt Youth Center in Old Town Greenbelt. Generic strategy games. Includes starter Go sets. Call Karen Haseley for details, 301-397-2208.

The Johns Hopkins Go Club, Baltimore, MD - See the JHU website at http://goclub.johnshopkins.edu/ for location, dates, and times. The contact person is Victor Kang at vkang1@jhu.edu.

Lake Walker Go Club, Towson MD - Dormant. Contact Jim Pickett at djpick@verizon.net.

Long Branch Strategy Games Club / Hillandale Go Club, Silver Spring MD - DISCONTINUED. Meetings were held every THURSDAY from 630 to 900 PM. The program closed on 9/30/2008 and was assimilated into the Taloma Park Intergenerational Strategy Games Club. 

Metro DC Area School Page

PORTER (John M.) BRANCH LIBRARY, THURSDAYS, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM,  2001 Parkway Blvd., Stafford, VA 22554. 540-659-4909.  CHESS AND GO.  Contact Edward DeButts at edebutts@crrl.org.

ROCKVILLE GO and CHESS GROUP, Rockville MD - FRIDAYS from 700 to 1100 PM.

Rockville Chinese Cultural and Community Service Center (Tilden MS), Rockville MD - Dormant.

Northern Virginia (NOVA) Go Club (Arlington), Arlington, VA - MONDAYS starting at 7 PM.

George Mason University Go Club in Fairfax, VA - THURSDAYS from 430 to 730 PM. DORMANT. Contact Garrett Smith at garrett.p.smith@comcast.net.

Northern Virginia Korean Go Club , Fairfax, VA - May be DORMANT. Daily.

New World Bilingual Institute Go Club , Fairfax, VA - September to May, SUNDAYS, 130 to 5 PM.

Silver Spring Go Club, Silver Spring, MD (Started June 2016. DISCONTINUED AUGUST 2016.) - Had met 1st and 3rd TUESDAY of month from 6 to 9 PM.  Bump and Grind Cafe, 1200 East-West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Contact Laurie at lensworth@verizon.net.

Takoma Park Intergenerational Strategy Games Club, Takoma Park MD - TUESDAYS at 700 PM. 7051 Carroll Avenue in the Victory Tower Retirement Center. All variety of strategy board and card games, including starter Go sets. John at spineyone@yahoo.com.

University of MD Go Club, College Park MD - WEDNESDAYs from 7 to 1030 PM

University of MD, Baltimore County Go Club, Baltimore MD - TUESDAYS starting at 7 PM

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