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The Hillandale Go Club was a Chapter of the American Go Association (www.usgo.org). All Go players in the Washington DC/Baltimore region were welcome to play. In addition to the regular Thursday night meetings, it sponsored GO outreach programs throughout the area. It became the Long Branch Strategy Games Club in 2003 and finally ceased operations in 2008.

The Long Branch Strategy Games Club was formed in February 2003. It offered an environment where many different types of games were taught and played. The club games included Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Go, Chess, Mancala, Lost Cities, Quinto, Cartagena, and more. The club served all of the community by providing something for everyone. Participation was free and open to the public.


    The Hillandale Go Club started in October 1998. The first site was the Grand China restaurant in the Hillandale Shopping Center. In 1999, the Washington DC area Shogi Group joined us every other week. The Shogi organizer is Larry Kaufman, at lkaufman@comcast.net. In June 2000, the club moved to the Shoney's restaurant across the street. In January 2001, the Shogi players committed all of their Thursdays to the Hillandale site. The club collected no dues, relying on donations only. During the Summer of 2001, the Shogi group moved to Potomac MD and the Go/Shogi partnership was dissolved. In the fall of 2001, the club returned to the Chinese restaurant location which had been newly renovated and changed into a Vietnamese restaurant called the Viet Palace. In January 2003, the restaurant folded and the Go club moved to the Long Branch Community Center in Silver Spring MD where it became the Long Branch Strategy Games Club.

Meeting Site Dates, Directions, and Times

    The Long Branch Strategy Games Club program closed on 9/30/2008. It had met weekly at the Long Branch Community Center, 8700 Piney Branch Rd, Silver Spring, MD (between Flower Avenue and University Blvd). The schedule was every Thursday from 630 PM to 900 PM.

Map to Long Branch CC.

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