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All require WinNT or Win95.

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Logon Scripting 2.1

This program will let you create logon scripts for use on a WinNT/Win95/Samba network. I really went all out on this one. An optional floating toolbar, templates, individual command testing..etc.. Not that creating logon scripts is hard to do, but everyone knows it's more fun to click and drag. If you're even remotely interested, just take a look at the screen shot. Also includes QuickMap!


QuickMap 1.0

QuickMap provides quick access to the "Connect Drive" and "Disconnect Drive" dialog boxes. It places an icon in the system tray that you can click on to display these dialogs. Useful if you are constantly changing your network connections.



This is more of a sys-admin utility, when people are constantly logging on at a workstation and forgetting to log off. Then they can't log onto another workstation and *swear* they aren't already logged on. Well.. basically it puts an icon in the system tray, that when you double click on it, it will tell you, 1. Who is logged on 2. the name of the workstation. It will also give you the option of logging off the user with one simple <click>.


Mail Drop

A mail program that will allow you to delete mail from your mail server without having to download it. This is useful if *friends* are constantly sending you e-mail with large attachments. If you would like to read the body of the message before deleting it, Mail Drop will allow you to retrieve the header and specified lines of the body from the message. It even encrypts your mail password within the system registry.



A file management utility that allows you to work with extensions like DOS . i.e. move *.wav files in this folder to that one or copy *.class files in this folder to that one . It's 32bit so it only works in Windows95 or NT, and displays long filenames and folder names .



This program creates a JavaScript password or passcode protected site based on user input. Simply run the program and upload the files it creates.


Note: All programs are provided without warranty. I can and will NOT be held responsible for anything that may (or may not) happen. All programs require Win95 or WinNT.