Here are some informative links to help find veterinary and similar health related information on the net.

This is the main link to NetVET and the Electronic Zoo

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals -- LOTS of great information at this site.

Veterinary site from the DogZone

Diagram and good description of Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Jan Cooper's Rottie Page

Recent results of the Universal Scanner tests by AHA, This should answer some questions and eliminate some misinformation about the effectiveness of the Scanners available to read microchips in the US.  All of my dogs are tattooed and Microchipped, we use the HomeAgain brand chips.   All puppies leave here with their chip already implanted and they are registered to me first and to the new owner second, we will both be notified if the animal ends up in a shelter or lost or recovered in any way.  It is one of the ways I can maintain contact, rights and responsiblity for the dogs I bred even if I loose contact with the buyer. 

Dr. Wendall O. Belfield's On-Line Magazine Your Animal's Health.

Eye problems like PRA and CERF vet information and to join us at the Mastiff Club of America's WALK to fight PRA-May 1998, click here:  aball5.gif (26986 bytes)

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