Vision Quest 1998 --Walking Out of Darkness

Walk for PRA Research

Thank you to all who walked or sponsored us 

At the 1998 MCOA National Specialty we held two separate "PRA Walks" during the festivities surrounding the Mastiff National Specialty. 

Here is one shot of us in the "MIST", because of the weather we truly did "walk out of darkness" each morning at 7 AM!!  Luckily one trip around the hotel complex came to just under one mile and just over one mile if you hugged the outer curb, so it was a good warm-up (which we needed in the rain) and flat and mostly paved for our safety and convenience.  Thanks to all who got their butts out of bed and walked in the morning with us.  The dogs sure did have fun.....

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Anthony pulling the T-shirts and leading the walk for his Mastiff friends.



Here is our logo, we sold a couple hundred shirts and with an anonymous benefactor who paid for the initial cost of the shirts we raised quite a bit of money for research thanks to Jan and her saleswomanship.

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What you need to know about PRA

Go to this site to learn more about PRA and the heartache it can cause

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