ALZHEIMER MEMORY WALK 1996 (to make this page load faster the photos are reduced, just click on the photograph to load the larger image)

Starting in 1996 several GWGS members participated in the national event, the "Memory Walk", to support fundraising for the treatment and study of Alzheimers.  Here are a few pictures of our little group and our carting dogs doing something for our community and having a good time. The object is to promote awareness of the disease and raise money to support local services for the patients as well as the caregivers.

This is most of the "gang" at the starting point:

algroup.jpg (57749 bytes) We are from left to right Sue Kittler with Polly and Tessy, Sharyl Mayhew (me) with Judge, my Rottie and his new friend, then on the right is Ellyn Signet with Seany and Bette Greenspan with Peaches.
Here we are trudging up one of the hills on the walk through Fairfax alpar.jpg (59310 bytes)

Then, of course, some of the fun afterwards, meeting and greeting children and adults of all ages:

aljbaby.jpg (63466 bytes)

Drum Hill's His Honor -- "The Judge" and a young silly "rider" :)

aljkids.jpg (56857 bytes)

Judge again with an ever growing group of young admirers.

alscrowd.jpg (57414 bytes)

Sean (Ch. Precious Mettle, CGC, TDI)  with the more mature set of admirers (GRIN)

alswalk2.jpg (56290 bytes)

Sean again, he lives for this kind of attention.  Always the gentleman!!!

Our GWGS team raised an impressive $325 in 1996 for the Alzheimers Association. 

At the finish of the walk there was plenty of food supplied by local restaurants as well as crafts, information booths, entertainment and assorted vendors and other entertainment for the afternoon. Of course, the big "entertainment" was our dogs!!   Please come out and join us while we try to help people and enable more research and support for families and members with Alzheimers. Let's show that our dogs are "not just pretty faces" but that they have a purpose and meaning, not just to us as our pets, but to the community as well. Many of our dogs are also Therapy Dogs and are active helping folks year round, this walk is one of the highlights of our visits and the people and some patients we met at the walk responded to the dogs with love and smiles for all.

 For more information please email me (Sharyl Mayhew) at or Bette Greenspan to join the team or for more information about Alzheimers and the Walk at BETTEGREEN@AOL.COM


Greater Washington Greater Swiss members once again participated in the local Memory Walk to support the Alzheimer's Association chapter near us.  Saturday, Oct. 4th dawned a bright, warm, fall day and our growing group of dedicated local participants met at the starting point:

al97gr.jpg (65287 bytes)

Left to right:  Alicia Schmitt with Mathew and Tommy (people "puppies"), Sharyl Mayhew (me) with Chuck E. Cheese, Maribeth Keitz with Piccadilly, Kent Schmitt with Snowshoe and Cedar, Colleen and Tim Darnell with Boomer and Nox and Beth Brown with my "honorary" Swissy the Judge (Rottweiler).

algrp2.jpg (57786 bytes)

Here we are again, ready to GO!!  Check out Boomer and Chuck E. with their matching Chili pepper sun visors!! And Snowshoe and Cedar with their "little people"  (GWGS toddler set!!).  

Here are a few photos taken along the walk. 

alwheels.jpg (60648 bytes) Chuck E. greeting a fellow canine walker and enjoying the company of other "wheeled" walkers, Chuck E. got several requests to "switch carts" from the chair pushers.  
alpar2.jpg (63383 bytes) Bette and Judge in the lead, and Chuck E. Coming up fast on the outside!



aljb.JPG (64884 bytes) Bette with Judge loaded down with water and our "pumpkin"!
aljdrink.jpg (53077 bytes) Judge getting MOST of Bette's Drink. 

And Cedar looking on  "thirstily"


Then after the walk we relaxed and met some old and new friends and hung out and enjoyed some good food and great company.

alduf.jpg (62570 bytes)

Chuck E. and Judge smiling and enjoying all the attention.

alch.jpg (60815 bytes) aljud.jpg (63300 bytes)
alnox.jpg (61789 bytes) And the "Spokesdog" NOX posing

and hamming for the camera as

only Nox can do!!


Nox got an opportunity to try

out a wagon for size and

comfortable fit, he proclaimed

he intends to ask Santa

for one this year!!

Once again we raised money for the Alzheimer's Association and we nearly doubled what we did last year!!!  We anticipate this being one of our growing annual community events anyone wanting to join us please email Bette Greenspan at BETTEGREEN@AOL.COM for more information about this event or for more information about The Greater Washington Greater Swiss Club (GWGS) and other upcoming events or membership email Ellyn Signet at

Alzheimer's Walk 1998,

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