GWGS and Friends participation in the 1998

Annual Alzheimer's Association's


This is the third year that GWGS has participated in the local Memory Walk, and each year we have gained more participation and more sponsors to be able to contribute in this way to our community.  This year our GWGS TEAM earned $1,025.00.    Each year the Greater Washington Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club joins several other individuals and groups to participate in the Memory Walks to help raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association... The money raised goes to benefit local programs and services to help caregivers, families, and friends coping with the daily challenges of Alzheimer's disease.

We always bring a few dogs some in harness and carts and some with backpacks or just marching see some of the fun we've had and the people we've met see below and also have a look at the regular Alzheimer's link on my page.

If you are local and would like to join us please email me or Bette Greenspan so that we can get you a sponsor sheet and add your name to our GWGS team. You can also contact the Event Coordinator, Sandra Fields at 703-359-4440 for information about how to form your own team.

This year's team was, Bette Greenspan (with our Peaches), Colleen and Tim Darnell (Nox and Boomer), David and Laura Hill (Bear and Kodi),  Beth Black (with my Judge), Sue Kittler (walking Anthony and the ferret!!!),  Maribeth Keitz (with Vixen the sheltie), Norman Van Bogart (supervising carts, feet, dogs, children, and decorations!!and trading off with Bette to walk the wild woman--Peaches!) , Sharyl Mayhew-ME (with Chuck E.)  

We are getting good (and fast) at decorating! The Pumpkin Man in Chuck E.'s Wagon is new and he was a big hit and we can use it every year, it is STILL floating in Bette's basement somewhere!!

mwagonprep.jpg (20155 bytes)Here we are getting ready

mcoleen.jpg (16094 bytes)

Here we are LEADING the Walk this year!!!

mbunch.jpg (19542 bytes)

It was a cool and breezy day (one of the first of the season) and all of the dogs were chomping at the bit to GET MOVING, Nox and Chuck E were uncharacteristically pulling to go faster, faster.......

Mwalk.jpg (17749 bytes)

And Nox and Colleen take the lead and set the pace and we did this walk in RECORD TIME!!

mwalking.jpg (19790 bytes)

msidwalk.jpg (23262 bytes)

Chuck E. was still pulling, but I was "DRAGGING"!!:)

We finished winded but happy and what a beautiful day

Mgroup.jpg (20476 bytes)

At the end of the walk there is music and food and lots of time to socialize.   Some of us made new friends:

mbaby.jpg (19405 bytes)Nox and Boomer look on anxiously as they all pet the fuzzy dog!!

mwhitedog.jpg (15444 bytes)This fuzzy dog's tail curls up, and flips down, curls UP and flips down!!  Kodi is a GOOD sport

mkids.jpg (17779 bytes)One of the vendors passed out yard sticks, so ALL of the dogs got measured that day!!!

mdogcart.jpg (20289 bytes) hey, what's in this wagon???

And some of us made new STRANGE friends:

mvixfer3.jpg (15236 bytes)Vixen and Jenny, mutual admiration???

mwagon.jpg (24196 bytes)Chuck E. pulled the Pumpkin Man all morning long in the cart and then acted as if he were a stranger--- go figure, too bad you can't hear the sound effects --- BARROROOOOOOOOHAAAA!!!

But we mostly did what we always do, we HUGGED DOGS all day!!!

mbellies.jpg (17939 bytes) Chuck E. and Peaches showing their best sides:) the underneath.

Mdoghug.jpg (20650 bytes) Chuck E. gives the best hugs!!

mdoghug2.jpg (25330 bytes) How about a snuggle, Anthony:)

mvixfrisbe.jpg (17040 bytes)

See you next year!!!

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