HERDING is one of the things our breed was bred for.... while they are not border collies (thank goodness), Swissies Can and Do show promise as a herding dog.  Here are a few of my experiences along the way...  Peaches (Plumtree GA Peach v Schatz) is my first herding buddy, she is 4 years old and we are just getting started... This is absolutely her favorite thing to do in the world....I guess I'll make my mistakes with her as she is very resilient and then I'll get some of the younger dogs involved after I have a clue (GRIN)

Herding with Swissies? (our first trip to Delaware, lots of good pics)

Herding Clinic in Pamplin (our second herding adventure -- no pictures yet:( )

Herding with Wink Mason (our first trip to Sue Mesa's wonderful farm, local !!!)

Peaches getting the second leg of the HCT (Local Beardie Club sponsored an AHBA sanctioned test and this was our second trip to Sue Mesa's farm)