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Digging DC will always be going through a metamorphosis. Obviously I have not kept this page up with the goings-on in DC as I had hoped. Time just got away from me. Hopefully, someday I will be able to get back to the events in DC, put in other interesting links, and still have an outreach section when the need arises. So, despite all, I hope you will still keep digging DC.

For anyone who is planning a visit to the Smithsonian please check out this museum site for good information on how to plan your visit.

Most of you probably don't know me; but, hopefully, we will become acquainted through my homepage. DC is my town. I was born in DC and grew up here. One place that I would habituate regularly was the Smithsonian. After all, I had the Mall and the Washington Monument for my playground. When I was a child, much of my time was spent running up and down the stairs of the Natural History Museum. By the by, I have also walked up the stairs of the Washington Monument more than once (you aren't allowed to do that now). Well, seems like I am still running up and down the stairs of Natural History because now I work there as a archives specialist in the Department of Anthropology.

This is where I work.

Thesis: Analysis of the Grave Goods and the 
Skeletal Remains at the Bronze Age Site of Lerna
in the Argolid in Greece:

My hobby seems to have become sitting in front of the computer my every waking minute that I'm not at work. The software programs I use I taught myself. I do desktop publishing, graphics, and other fun programs. I have become so adhered to my computer that, none too soon, I shall just turn into one of the little icons on the desktop.


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Thanks for visiting and let me know how you like my home page. I can be reached at gayle@erols.com

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