If the piston deal works out I may try this with other hard to get early "A" body parts.

I need (for example) rear quarter panels or patch panels, upper tail light lenses, the standard gas cap, the correct windshield washer reservoir and pump, some of the extended length lug nuts that match my wheel covers, and a number of other parts.

Ok, Dave Layson of Laysons Restorationshas most of the above stuff in development or for sale now. As of this date (11/28/2000), I am still working on the piston deal. Kanter Automotive has a CAST reproduction of the commando piston for $55.00 each. While there may be some discussion as to wheather a casting is correct (and they are heavy), that price aint bad compared to $40.00 each for the 8:1 MOPAR casting.

I've added another item to my development list. I've noticed that its getting hard to get good shocks for A body Chryslers (for those of us who like to carve corners anyway), at the same time I've found a shock that I realy like in the adjustable Spax shock from the UK. We'll see where this one leads...

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Last Updated: 11/28/2000