Engine: 273 Commando (235 HP S.A.E. Gross)
Transmission: 3 Spd Auto *(about 1700 produced)/
4 Spd Manual (about 500 produced)
Rear Axle: 7 1/4" Std. -
8 3/4" Opt. *(rare in '66 more
common in later A-Bodies),
3.23:1 (apparently most common),
Suregrip (All)
Brakes: Manual 10" Drum Std. -
Manual 11" Disk/ 10" Drum Opt.*
Steering: Aluminum 16:1 Quick Ratio Manual Std.* -
Cast Iron 16:1 Power Opt.
Suspension: HD Shocks
HD Torsion Bars (0.870")
6 Leaf Rear Springs
Front Sway Bar ( 0.6875")
Wheels/Tires: 14" x 5.5" /
Goodyear Blue Streak 14" x 6.95
Instruments: Tach/150 MPH Speedo

*: equipment on my car


The Formula S option package took what was already the best
handling economy platform from the big three and kicked it
up a few notches to a level that would be very acceptable in
a more modern sports sedan. The secret of this great handling
starts with the Goodyear blue streak racing tires and the
increased stability provided by the stiffer suspension. It
doesn't hurt that the excellenet design of the Valiant platform,
with its stiff chassis and close to ideal front suspension geometry,
provides a good foundation for these simple upgrades.

Add the extra power of the Commando 273, the traction
provided by the suregrip limitted slip, the responsive 16:1
steering, and good drum or excellent disk brakes and you have a
VERY nicely balanced package for performance driving.
It also responds very well to the addition of modern tires and


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Last Updated: 02/01/2003