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Horses 07.09.01
United States - nationwide and general sites

USA Horses Online  stallion, farm and trainer directory

US: Akhal Teke Association of America
US: Al Andalus  online resource about Andalusians
US: Al Khamsa  site about the Bedouin Arabian horse and the breeders seeking to preserve it
US: All Arabian Links  complete, organized list of all Arabian links with descriptions
US: All Welsh Enthusiasts  Welsh Pony club dedicated to the promotion of the Welsh Pony, Cob and Welsh Part-bred
US: American Arabian Horse Pages
US: American Association for Horsemanship Safety
US: American Association of Equine Practitioners
US: American Association of Owners and Breeders of Peruvian Paso Horses
US: American Association of Riding Schools
US: American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry
US: American Buckskin Registry Association
US: American Championship Harness Series
US: American Connemara  bi-monthly magazine
US: American Connemara Pony Society
US: American Cow Town Cutting Horse Association
US: American Cream Draft Horse Foundation
US: American Dartmoor Pony Association
US: American Donkey and Mule Society
US: American Driving Society
US: American Endurance Ride Conference  official sanctioning body for equine endurance rides in the USA and Canada
US: American Farrier's Association

US: American Farriers Journal
US: American Gaited Mule Association
US: American Hackney Horse Affiliates
US: American Haflinger Registry
US: American Hanoverian Society
US: American Hanoverian Society Stallion Directory Members Guide
US: American Harness Drivers Club
US: American Holsteiner Association
US: American Holsteiner Horse Association
US: American Horse Council
US: American Horse Publications  dedicated to promoting better understanding and communication within the equine publishing industry
US: American Horse Shows Association
US: American Horse Shows Association Zone 10
US: American Horse Trials Foundation
US: American Hunter-Jumper Foundation
US: American Indian Horse Registry
US: American Junior Rodeo Association
US: American Mammoth Jackstock  the largest and only American breed of ass
US: American Medical Equestrian Association
US: American Miniature Horse Association
US: American Miniature Horse Registry
US: American Morgan Horse Association
US: American Novice Horse Association
US: American Paint Horse Association
US: American Pinto Arabian Registry
US: American Registry of Arab Bred Sporthorses
US: American Riding Instructors Association
US: American Quarter Horse Association
US: American Quarter Horse Youth Association
US: American Quarter Pony Association
US: American Saddlebred Horse Association
US:  information site
US: American School of Equine Dentistry  Brunswick, MD
US: American Shetland Pony Club  American Miniature Horse Registry
US: American Shire Horse Association
US: American Show Pony Registry
US: American Sporthorse Registry
US: American Spotted Paso Registry
US: American Suffolk Horse Association  Suffolks for Sale - Suffolks Owners and Breeders
US: American Thoroughbred Handicapper  Handicapping Thoroughbreds since 1960
US: American Trakehner Association
US: American Turf Monthly  helping horseplayers pick winners
US: American Vaulting Association
US: American Vaulting Association, Region IX  AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, ME, MD, MA, MS, NJ, NC, NH, NY, PA, RI, SC, TN, VT, VA
US: American Warmblood Registry
US: American Warmblood Society®
US: American West 4D Barrel Racing
US: Alucha Arabian Horse Association
US: Andalusian Cooperative  group of quality breeders, trainers, exhibitors, educators and individuals supporting the Andalusian industry
US: Anvil Magazine Online
US: Anvil Magazine Guide to Farrier Associations
US: Appaloosa Central  site devoted to Appaloosas and their breeders
US: Appaloosa Horse Club
US: Appaloosa Sport Horse Association
US: Arabian1.Com  The "All in One" Arabian Horse Shopping Mall
US: Arabian Breeders Association
US: Arabian Explorations  barns, breeding, costimes, dressage, driving endurance, English, halter, hunt and jump, pleasure, racing, Western, classifieds
US: Arabian Horse America
US: Arabian Horse Association of Delmarva
US: Arabian Horse Interactive  internet's Arabian horse magazine
US: Arabian Horse Legacy  library containing information, history, biographies, research, photographs and video tape of Arabian horses and people in the Arabian horse breed
US: Arabian Horse Network
US: Arabian Horse Pages, The
US: Arabian Horse Preservationist  dedicated to arabian horse breeders interested in Al Khamsa, Asil, Babson, Davenport, Sheykh Obeyd or Straight Egyptians
US: Arabian Horse Registry of America
US: Arabian Horses Online  Online Magazine for the Arabian Horse Industry
US: Arabian Horse Times  monthly color magazine for Arabian horse breeders and owners, which covers Arabian horse industry news, major Arabian show events...
US: Arabian Horse Trust  organization comprised of members whose primary objective is the well being of the Arabian horse breed and community
US: Arabian Horse World Online  Home of Arabian Horse World Magazine and Arabian Horse World Quarterly
US: Arabian Jockey Club  national organization dedicated to the promotion and professional management of the Arabian racing industry in the United States
US: Arabians International
US: Arabian Sites  showcase on the web for Arabian horse farms, trainers, stallions, and quality Arabian horses for sale
US: Archival Morgan Record  Registry for Pure and Half-Blooded Morgan Horses
US: Area VII Shetland Pony & Miniature Horse Association
US: Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America
US: Association Of Racing Commissioners International
USA Today Horse Racing Page
US:  horses for sale and stallions at stud web site
US: Azteca Horse Owners Association
US: Azteca Horse Registry of America
US: Barn Page, The  a Horsekeeper's Resource
US:  Barrel Horse Web Site: horses for sale, news, trainers, stallions, bookstore, chat room, training tips
US: Barrel Racing Industry Council
US: Barrel Racing Trainers
US: Bayer Equine Health Care Website
US: Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America
US: Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association  North American District
US: Blood-Horse Interactive  online thoroughbred magazine
US: Bloodstock Journal  comprehensive online news source for Thoroughbred owners and breeders - updated daily
US: Bloodstock Research Information Services
US: Breeders' Cup
US: Brindle Horses  information site about horses, donkeys and mules with dun, brindle, striping and camouflage coloration
US: Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association  providing horse owners with professional, intelligent, and correct information on sound shoeing by professional farriers
US: Bureau of Land Management, National Wild Horse and Burro Program
US: Bureau of Land Management, National Wild Horse and Burro Program, Herd Information and Statistics  Herd & Removal/Adoption Statistics
US: Caballus Online  Online Resource For Walking and Pleasure Horses
US & Canada: Western Haflinger Association
US: Carriage Association of America
US: CBS Sportsline Horse Racing Page  news
US: Central Plains Reining Horse Association
US: Certified Horsemanship Association  "Certifying Riding Instructors Since 1967"
US: Champagne Horse Assiociation
US: Chincoteague Pony Association
US: Christian Harness Horsemen's Association
US: Christian Horseman's Association
US: Chronicle of the Horse  online edition
US: Cindy's Horse Racing Web Site Index  horse racing results, link library
US: Classic American Shetland Pony
US: Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America
US: Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A.
United States Combined Training Association
United States Combined Training Association Area I  MA, ME, NH, NY, VT, RI, CT
United States Combined Training Association Area III  TN, SC, MS, AL, GA, Eastern LA, FL
United States Combined Training Association Area V  AR, LA, OK, TX
United States Combined Training Association Area VI  California and Hawaii
United States Combined Training Association Area VII  ID, MT, OR, WA
United States Combined Training Association Area VIII  Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania
United States Combined Training Association Area X  Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico
US: Conquistador  The World of Spanish Horses - The Horse Magazine for Horses of Spanish (Iberian) Ancestry
US: Cyberspace Racing Team  offering racing fans the opportunity to participate in the exciting world of owning thoroughbred race horses
US: Daily Dispatch  Daily racing news items
US: Daily Racing Form
US: DallyPost Online Auction  horse auctions
US: Davenport Conservancy  organization dedicated to preservation of the "Davenport" Arabian horse
US: Draft Horse and Mule Associations Directory
US: Draft Horse Resource  Support for Draft Horses and the People they live for
US: Draft Page, The  image gallery, events, breeds...
US: Draft Resource Board  Discuss draft horse care, feeding, training, and working
US: Dressage & Combined Training Magazine
United States Dressage Federation
United States Dressage Federation Region 6
United States Dressage Federation Region 9
US: Dressage-L
US: Dressage un Ltd.  news and information about dressage, classified ads, FAQs
US: Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America  North American Department, Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands
US: Early Curly Breeders Association
US: East Coast Arabian Horse Club
US: Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club
US: Egyptian Arabian Horse Network
US: Egyptian Arabian Horse Pages
US: Emerald Empire Arabian Horse Club  incorporating Western Montana, Northern Idaho, and Eastern Washington
US: Emerald Empire Junior Arabian Horse Club
US: Endurance Net  Online Resource for Endurance and Long Distance Equestrian Sports
US: Equerry  One Stop Information and Education for the Horse Enthusiast (TM)
United States Equestrian Team
US: Equestrienne  online publication dedicated to the horse
US: Equibase Company  Thoroughbred Industry's official database for racing and pedigree information used for the promotion and betterment of Thoroughbred racing
US: Equijournal  equestrian news site
US: Equine Affaire  education-oriented horsemen's conventions
US: Equine Directory  Equestrian's Marketplace - directory of suppliers for equestrians
US: Equine Infectious Anemia  A Status Report on Its Control (1996)  from USDA APHIS Veterinary Services
US: Equine Law  Some leading Court Decisions Involving Horses - Articles Involving Equine Law Issues  from Miller, Griffin & Marks PSC
US: Equine Law - Law Cases for Horsemen  law cases from appellate courts throughout the US that deal with horses, horse people and horse accidents
US: Equine Line  provides information for the racing fan as well as those who are involved in breeding, selling or racing Thoroughbreds
US: Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society
US: Equine Online  equine internet resources
US: Equine Performance Therapy  what is it? - case studies  by Carrie L. Craddock
US: Equine Rescue League  non-profit organization that supports the responsible use of working, sport, and pleasure horses, ponies, donkeys and mules
US: Equine Rescue Net  information and contacts useful to equine rescue
US: Equine Rescue Network  nonprofit organization to prevent abuse of equines through education and by supporting equine rescue organizatons throughout the US
US: Equine Tip Of The Day  interesting information, horse hints, tips and other news; check archives online or sign up to receive a tip by email per day
US: Equinet  News - Horses (for sale/wanted/stallions) - Property - Travel
US: Equine Transitional Training Alliance  corporation organized in Kentucky for the purpose of preventing cruelty to horses
US: Equine Veterinary Network

US: Equine WellCare Program
US: Equine World  horse articles, health & fitness, photo album, vet resources, farrier world
US: Equi-Post  Classifieds: Stallion Service - Horses - Tack - Training - Boarding - Real Estate
US: EquiSearch  Everything you need to know about the world of horseracing
US: Equi-Site  online equestrian directory and magazine
US: Equissage  Instruction in equine sports massage, the therapeutic application of hands on massage techniques on high performance horses
US: Equitana USA  The World's Fair of Equestrian Sports
US: ESPN Horse Racing Page  news
US Event Horse  Monthly online magazine focused on the horse sport of three day eventing
US: Everything Quarter Horse on the Web  classifieds, horse shows, links
US: Exceller Fund, The  Internet group that raises money to rescue Thoroughbred horses who would otherwise be sent to slaughter
US: Exceptional Horses  Paint and Quarter Horse Advertising Specialist - Stallion listings - Photo ads horses for sale - Ranch listings - Classifieds
US: Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center
US: Forest Ranch Equestrian Center  Internet-based, worldwide equestrian location service
US: Foundation Quarter Horse Breeders' Association
US: Foundation Stock Horse Registry
US: Foxtrotters Online  Information, horses for sale, classified ads, message board and online shopping
US: Friesian Horse Association of North America
US: Friesian Horse Society
US: Friesians in the Northwest
US: Friesian News Network  site to support, educate, entertain and promote interest in and camaraderie for "all things Friesian"
US: Friesian Sport Horse Registry  mission of the registry is to join together people who love the Friesian and the Friesian cross horse
US: Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry
US:  pleasure futurity horse source
US: Gaited Horse  quarterly magazine with beautiful photography and informative articles featuring the industries top experts on Gaited horses
US: Gaited Horse USA  dedicated to the different breeds of four-beat gaited horses
US: Global Draft Horse Connection  Draft Horse & Related Topics Info
US: Gotland Russ Association of North America
US: Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation  promotion and funding of equine veterinary research
US: Great Lakes Appaloosa Horse Club
US: Great Lakes Region Pyramid Breeders
US: Guild of Professional Farriers
US: Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
US: Hackney Village  Resources for the Hackney Pony Enthusiast
US: Haflinger Association of America
US: Haflinger Breeders Organization
US:  haflinger information, chat, events, at stud, for sale, wanted, equipment, saddles
US: Haflinger Pedigree Registry
US: Half/Hackney Registry
US: Hambletonian Society
US: Handicapper's Edge  racing news, updated daily
US:  Yellow Pages and Press Release services
US: Harness Horse International  forums - chat - links
US: Harness Horse Retirement & Youth Association  A Retirement Alternative For Your Standardbred Racehorse
US: Harness Horse Youth Foundation
US: Harness Tracks of America
US: HayNet  horse links directory
US: Hispano-Arabe Registry and Association of North America
US: Hoofcare & Lameness: The Journal of Equine Foot Science  in Gloucester, MA
US: Hooved Animal Humane Society
US: Horse Authority  source for new products and services within the equine industry
US:  horses for sale, bulletin board, events, horse articles, trainers, stallions, foals, farrier services, etc.
US:  Classifieds, Stallions, Horse Farms for Sale, Stolen Horses
US:  horse information site for kids
US: Horse Crazy Online Magazine  horse site with emphasis on items for children
US: Horse Depot  ads for horses
US: Horse Details  Selling a horse? Buying a horse? Standing a stallion? Breed horses? Looking for employment? Then Horse Details is the place for you
US:  buy or sell horses online
US:  eventing and other equestrian activities in the Midwest
US: Horse Exchange, The  site selling horses in the disciplines of dressage, hunters, jumpers and 3-day eventing. Ads feature video streaming in RealVideo and Netshow
US: Horsefaces, Inc.  national/international horse transport network developed by horse owners to help horse owners who are qualified by need
US: Horse Forum, The  Links, Information and Articles
US: Horse Haven  dedicated to saving and rescuing horses as well as recovering stolen horses and returning them to their owners
US: Horse Industry Alliance
US: Horse Information Center  horse industry's complete source for hard-to-find books, videos and software
US: Horse Interactive, The  online guide to equine healthcare
US: Horse Law News  Horse Law for Horse Lovers
US: Horselocaters.comhorse brokers
US: Horselogger's International Newsletter
US: Horse Magazine
US: Horseman, The  harness racing magazine and site
US: Horsen' Around  The Midwest's All-Breed Monthly Horse Newspaper
US: HorseNet  "The Internet Community for Horse People"
US: Horse Network  horse information, events, veterinary health, farms & stables, classifieds...
US: Happy Horse & Pet Pals Magazine  monthly equine and pet connection publication
US: Horse Plaza  horse auction, product mall, stallions, classifieds
US: Horse Previews Magazine  Uploaded from Print the First Week of Every Month
US:  Internet Horse Resource
US:  directory of horse racing related products and services
US: Horse Resources internet links directory  from Oklahoma State University
US: Horseman's Advisor
US: Horsesales, Inc.  give buyers and sellers of horses a new way to get together - by advertising with photos and videos on demand
US: horsesdaily  news - insurance - who's who - marketplace
US: Horse Show, The  online radio show
US:  Thoroughbred Racing Information
US:  "Totally Dedicated to Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas"
US: Horsetrader, The®  national advertising publication for the horse industry - classifieds - products - services - events
US: HorseWeb  horses, horse breeders, products, services and information
US: HorseWorldData  An information clearinghouse for the worldwide community of equine enthusiasts - Breeds - Publications - Racing - Schools & Libraries - Sports/Events
US: Horse Worldwide  an internet resource for anyone who loves horses
US: Hungarian Horse Association Of America
US: Highflyer Journal  monthly newsletter to keep informed and assist the thoroughbred industry
US: Hyperlinked Horseman, The  Horse Breeds - Equestrian Sports - Mall - Horse Health - Horse Genetics, Hay and Farrier Finders, Trail Locators...
US: Iberian Horse Source  Newsletter and Classifieds
US: Iberian Warmblood Association of America
US: IceHorse Club  Icelandic horse club
United States Icelandic Horse Congress
US: Icelandic Horse Information and Resources  from IceRyder
US: Icelandic Horse International Association
US: Icelandic Horses Online  Brred Info - FAQ - Photo Gallery - Classifieds - Breeders - Horse Sales - Events
US: Interbets Horse Racing  information and resources, and wagering on legal quality horse racing worldwide
US: Intercollegiate Horse Show Association
US: Intermountain Appaloosa Horse Club
US: International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association
US: International Arabian Horse Association
US: International Arabian Horse Association Region III  Northern California
US: International Arabian Horse Association Region 8  Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, and the ElPaso area of Texas
US: International Arabian Horse Registry of North America
US: International Arabian Horse Youth Association
US: International Buckskin Horse Association  World's Largest Registry of Buckskin, Dun, Red Dun, Grulla and Brindle Horses
US: International Colored Appaloosa Association
US: International Foxtrotting Horse Breed Trainers Association
US: International Generic Horse Association
US: International Jumper Futurity  organization to promote the breeding of sport horses in the United States who will be competitive with their European counterparts
US: International Miniature Trotting & Pacing Association
US: International Morab Breeders Association
US: International Polo Connection  information regarding polo players, ponies, clubs and timeshares
US: International Professional Rodeo Association
US: International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros
US: International Sporthorse Registry
US: International Sport Horses of Color
US: Internet Horse Classifieds Service
US: Irish Draught Horse Society of North America
US: JFC Harness Handicapper  Computer Harness Handicapping Program
US: Jockey Club
US: Jockey Club Foundation  charitable trust created to provide relief of poverty and distress among indigent members of the Thoroughbred industry and their families
US: Jockey's Guild
US: Jumprace International  informative guide to steeplechase racing
US: Kickin' Back Ranch Horse World  a non-commercial site for horse enthusiasts
US: Kisber Felver & Gidran Association of North America
US: Lex Equus  clearinghouse for information available on the Internet and elsewhere concerning equine-related law  from University of Kentucky College of Law Library
US: Lipizzan Association of North America
United States Lipizzan Registry
US: Lippitt Club, Inc.  support system for the Lippitt breeder and admirer
US: Lippitt Morgan Breeders Association
US: Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association  Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado
US: Mane Points, The  the online horse resource center
US: Mid America Paso Fino Horse Association  Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota
US: Mid-Atlantic Miniature Horse Society  DE, MD, NJ, NC, PA, SC, VA, VT, WV
US: Mid-Atlantic Quarter Horse Association  Serving members in DC,MD,VA,WV,PA,and DE
US: Mid-Eastern Farrier's Association
US: Mid-States Rodeo Association  East of the Mississippi Ohio, Pennsylvannia, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Tenn.
US: Midwest Dressage Association
US: Midwest SportHorse Journal
US: MidWest Trakehners
US: Modern American Shetland Pony
US: Morab Breeders Consortium
US: Morab Horse Association & Register, Inc.
US: Morab Horse Gallery
US: Morab Horse Registry
US: Morgan Horse Max  farm, supplier and stallion directory
US: Morgan International Cowhorse Association
US: Morgan Pony Board  discussion forum about Morgan ponies
US: Morgan Single-Footing Horse Association
US: Morris Animal Foundation Horse News  equine health
US: Mule Barn  mules and donkeys website
US: National Association of Breeders  Promoting the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse...Stallion Registry...Shows...Education
US: National Association of Competitive Mounted Orienteering
US: National Barrel Horse Association
US: National Chincoteague Pony Association  with the oldest Chincoteague Pony Registry
US: National Cowboy Hall of Fame
US: National Cutting Horse Association
US: National Equine Disaster Relief  directory of temporary shelters for horses, listed by state
US: National Foundation Quarter Horse Association  dedicated to preserving the Quarter Horse in the Quarter Horse
US: National Horsemen's Benevolent & Protective Association
US: National Horseman's Directory  Classifieds, Stallions, Forum, Chat
US: National High School Rodeo Association
US: National Hunter/Jumper Council  official hunter/jumper discipline organization of the American Horse Shows Association
US: National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association
US: National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Ozark Region Web Site
US: National Morgan Pony Registry
US: National Museum of the Morgan Horse  dedicated to preserving and interpreting all aspects of the Morgan horse breed through educational programs, exhibits and special events
US: National Mustang Association
US: National Plantation Walking Horse Association
US: National Pony Driver Advocates
US: National Quarter Pony Association
US: National Reined Cow Horse Association
US: National Reining Breeders Classic
US: National Reining Horse Association
US: National Senior Pro Rodeo Association
US: National Show Horse Registry
US: National Snaffle Bit Association
US: National Steeplechase Association
US: National Thoroughbred Racing Association
US: Natural Horse Magazine  A Publication Focusing on Humane and Natural Care for Horses and Other Animals
US: Natural Walking Horse Association
US: NetVet  Horses  link directory emphasising equine health-related sites
US: New England Miniature Horse Society
US: New  trainers, farms, racetracks
US: New Forest Pony Association & Registry
US: Nile Muse  A "magic circle" of breeders and admirers of the Egyptian and desert blood Arabian horse
US: Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry
US: North American Equine Ranching Information Council  association representing horse breeders and ranchers engaged in the collection of pregnant mares' urine
US: North American Horse and Mule Loggers Association
US: North American Longears Breeders' List  Internet Directory for members of the American Donkey and Mule Society
US: North American Pari-Mutuel Regulators Association  focal point for communications and dispersing information relating to the pari-mutuel industry
US: North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
US: North American Saddle Mule Association
US: North American Shagya-Arabian Society
US: North American Spotted Draft Horse Association
US: North American Trail Ride Conference
US: North American Trakehner Association
US:  equine directory for NE US
US: Northeastern Welsh Pony Association
US: Northeast Paso Fino Horse Association
US: Northwest Andalusian Horse Association
US: NorthWest Miniature Horse Club
US: Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society
US: Oldenburg Registry NA
US: Online Horsetrader  Horses for Sale - Real Estate - Classifieds - Stables/Trainers - Products/Services - Breeding Stallions
US: Paint Horse Link  paint horses for sale, Paint Horse stallions, organizations, breeding farms, trainers, a bulletin board, a chat room, and a calendar of events
US: Palomino Horse Breeders of America
US: Paso Fino Horse Association
US: Paso Fino Horses  farm directory, classifieds
US:  Paso Fino horse site: history, info, events, farms, classifieds, products & services...
US: Pasos on the Web  information about Peruvian Paso Horses, history, events, links...
US: Paso Works  online magazine for the Paso horse
US: Percheron Horse Association of America
US: Performance Horse Magazine Online  magazine dedicated to Western Performance Horses
US: Performance Horse Registry
US: Personal Ponies Ltd.  organization dedicated to providing disabled children with a Miniature Shetland Pony to love and care for
US: Peruvian Breeders Group  instrumental in setting up programs to benefit the Peruvian horse
US: Peruvian Digest  The Breed Magazine of The Peruvian Paso Horse
US: Peruvian Paso Home Page
US: Peruvian Paso Horse Registry of North America
US: Pharaoh's Horses  On-Line Place for Breeders, Owners and Fanciers of the Egyptian Arabian Horse
US: Pinto Horse Association of America
US: Pinto Horse Origin and History of Breed
US: Polish Arabian Breeder's Society
US: Polish Arabian Horse Pages
United States Polo Association
US: Polo Magazine  includes events schedule
US: Polo News  polo news, happenings and events
US: Polo Players' Edition  monthly magazine
US: Polo Training Foundation  establish and administer funds dedicated to support Polo in collegiate or scholastic sports curriculums
United States Pony Clubs®
US: Pony of the Americas Club
US: PonyPower  place for pony lovers to network
US: Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
US: Proffitt's Classified Horse Ads
US: Project Equus  horse protection organization conducting public education campaigns to eliminate abuse and exploitation of horses in commerce, science and sports
US: Purebred Morab Horse Registry
US: Pyramid Arabians  Arabian Horses of the Great Pyramids
US: Pyramid Society, The  "Dedicated to the Art of Breeding Egyptian Arabian Horses"
US: Quarter Horse Directory  search stallions, ranches, trainers, horses for sale, classifieds
US: Quarter Horse Network  links directory
US: Quarter Horse World  Stable profiles, Horses for sale, Stallions, AQHA show info, Training tips, Rider spotlight
US: Racing on National Television  from Thoroughbred Information Agency
US: Racing on the Net  racing news and analysis
US: ReRun  gives ex-racehorses a second chance at a productive life by first evaluating temperaments, talents and physical capabilities and then matching the animals to new owners
US: Retraining Off-Track Thoroughbreds Resource and Mailing List Homepage
US: Rocky Mountain Horse Association
US: Running Horse, The  items of interest to horse lovers in general and particularly those that love to watch horses that go fast
US: Rural Heritage  bimonthly journal for small farmers and loggers who use draft horse, mule, and oxen power
US: Saddlebred Information Source
US: Shagya Arabian Horse Website
US: Shire Horse Studbook Search  search the studbook by horse's name, owner's name, Get of Sire or Produce of Dam
US: Sicilian Donkey Registry
US: Small Breeders Network  Breeding, purchasing, and marketing Arabian horses
US: Sound Horse Organization®
US: Southeastern Haflinger Association  FL, GA, NC, SC - head office in SC
US: Southeastern Horseshoers On Education
US: Southern Horse Owners & Exhibitors
US: Southern Miniature Horse Confederation
US: Southern Rodeo Association
US: Southern States Morgan Horse Show
US: Southwestern Paso Fino Horse Association  Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and a portion of Louisiana
US: Spanish Arabian Breeders Pages
US: Spanish Mustang Registry
US: Sport Horse Owners and Breeders Association
US: Sportpony Breeders Alliance
US: Spotted Saddle Horse Association of the West
US: Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association
US: Stable Mates Marketplace  equine and equine related marketplace in the Southeast USA
US:  Stakes & Feature Races - Sponsors - Stakes & Features: Dates - Nominations
US: Stallion Station  "The Upper Midwest's Premier Stallion Listing Site"
US: Standardbred Investigative Services
US: State Extension Programs Offering Equine Iinfo  State-by-State listing
US: Stretch Calls  semi-weekly column covering every Thoroughbred graded stakes race in the U.S.
US: SuperTote  display odds for up to 5 tracks  from Bloddstock Research Information Services
US: Swedish Warmblood Association of North America
United States Team Roping Championships
US: Tiger Horse Registry
US: Times: In Harness  horseracing website - covers racetracks in the NE of the USA and Eastern Canada
US: Thoroughbred Information Agency  advice and counseling for investors in Thoroughbred racing and breeding stock
US: Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association
US: Thoroughbred Pedigree Query
US: Thoroughbred Racing Associations  voluntary trade association currently consisting of 49 member racing associations
US: Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau  national investigative agency with mandate to expose and investigate all activity prejudicial to horse racing
US: Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation  organization dedicated to the rescue of racehorses when they can no longer run
US: Thoroughbred Sports Network  one-stop source for horse racing needs, handicapping data files, Key Stats, charts
US: Thoroughbred Times  today's news updated daily
US: Thoroughbred United Retirement Fund
US: ThoroughSearch  The Internet's Directory to the Horse Racing and Breeding Industry
US: Trakehner Horse Forum  discussion forum
US: Trakehners OnLine  including extensive stallion list with photos
US:  The internet hub of harness racing - focused on NE of USA
United States Trotting Association
US: Vaulting  Gymnastics on Horseback - Vauling information web site
US: Welsh Cob Web
US: Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America
US: Western Haflinger Association
US: Western Pack-Burro Association
US: Western Saddle Clubs Association
US: Western States Trail Foundation
US: Westphalian Home Page
US: Wild Heart Ranch Foundation  supportsand initiates the action of rescuing sick, abused or forgotten equines of all ages
US: Wild Horse and Burro Freedom Alliance  coalition of concerned animal welfare organizations to protect America's wild horses and burros
US: Wild Horses of America Registry
US: Women Horseshoers Of America
US: Women's Professional Rodeo Association
US: Working Ranch Cowboys Association
US: Working Suffolk Horse Association of the World
US: World Sidesaddle Federation
US: Yahoo! Harness Racing Forum
US: Young Jumper Championships  designed to identify the most promising five and six-year-old show jumping prospects competing in the United States
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