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Horses 07.09.01
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  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana


    US-Alabama: Auburn Horseshoeing School
    US-Alabama: Central Alabama Appaloosa Horse Association

    US: Alabama High School Rodeo Association

    US-Alabama: Judson College, Equine Science  in Marion
    US: Alabama Horse Council
    US: Alabama Thouroughbred Association


    US: Alaska Barrel Racers Association

    US: Alaska Horse Journal
    US-Alaska: Midnight Sun Quarter Horse Association
    US: Alaska State Quarter Horse Association


    US: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - Pets & Livestock - Horses  classified ads
    US-Arkansas: Equine Infectious Anemia in Arkansas  from The Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas
    US: Arkansas Horse Council
    US-Arkansas: Oaklawn Park  thoroughbred racetrack in Hot Springs National Park
    US: Arkansas Thoroughbred Breeders and Horsemen's Association

    US-Arizona: American Equine Classified  classified ads for horse and horse products in Arizona
    US-Arizona: Arabian Horse Association of Arizona
    US-Arizona: Central Arizona Riding Academy
    US-Arizona: Copper State Peruvian Paso Club
    US: Arizona Dressage Association
    US: Arizona Horse Racing Statutes
    US-Arizona: Miniature Horse Association of Arizona
    US-Arizona: Pasha Institute, The  Arabian horse preservation group
    US: Arizona Peruvian Paso Club
    US-Arizona: Pima Community College, Equine Science Courses
    US-Arizona: Prescott Downs  racetrack in Prescott
    US: Arizona Quarter Horse Association
    US: Arizona Racing Commission
    US-Arizona: Scottsdale Community College, Equine Science
    US-Arizona: Sierra Vista Horse Home Page  horse and equine service directory for Sierra Vista and environs
    US-Arizona: Theuapeutic Riding of Tucson  horseback riding as a form of therapy for disabled individuals
    US: Arizona Thoroughbred Breeders' Association
    US-Arizona: Turf Paradise  thoroughbred racetrack in Phoenix
    US-Arizona: University of Arizona, Race Track Industry Program  broad-based university education, with an emphasis on the pari-mutuel industry

    US-California: Alameda County Fair Thoroughbred Racing
    US-California: Arabian Horse Association of Northern California
    US-California: Arabian Horse Association of Southern California
    US-California: Arabian Racing Association of California
    US-California: Association of Ridgecrest Arabian Breeders
    US: California Authority of Racing Fairs
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, Antelope Valley Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, Kern Sierra Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, Los Padres Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, Mid Valley Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, Mojave River Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, San Diego Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, San Gorgonio Pass Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, San Joaquin Sierra Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, Santa Ana River Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, Sequoia Unit
    US-California: Backcountry Horsemen of California, Shasta Trinity Unit
    US-California: Bay Area Donkey & Mule Society
    US-California: Bay Area Equestrian Network  regional directory for equine services and products in Northern California
    US-California: Bay Meadows  thoroughbred racing racetrack in San Mateo
    US-California: Capitol Racing  harness racetrack at Cal-Expo in Sacremento
    US-California: Chico Equestrian Association
    US-California: Coachella Valley Horseman's Association
    US-California: CTETA's Horse Park  equestrian educational program of activities in order to promote a better public knowledge of horsemanship, in Woodside
    US-California: Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
    US-California: Derby Club at Seaside Park  thoroughbred racetrack in Ventura
    US-California: Diablo Arabian Horse Association
    US-California: Dreamweaver Bloodstock Agency
    US: California Dressage Society

    US: California Equine Retirement Foundation

    US-California: Equine Science Teaching Consortium  Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CSU Fresno and UC Davisó
    US-California: Evergreen Vaulting Club
    US-California: Fairplex Park  Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Racetrack in Ponoma
    US: California Fox Trotter Association
    US-California: Fran Joswick Therapeutic Riding Center  in San Juan Capistrano
    US-California: Golden Gate Fields  thoroughbred racetrack in Albany
    US-California: Golden State Appaloosa Horse Association
    US-California: Golden Gate Arabian Horse Association
    US-California: Handicapper's Report  Source For Workout Notes on So. Cal's Horseracing Scene

    US: California Harness Racing
    US-California: Havens Bloodstock Agency
    US-California: Hollywood Park  thoroughbred racetrack in Inglewood
    US: California Horse Racing Board

    US: California Horse Racing Regulations
    US-California: H.O.R.S.E. Rescue & Sanctuary
    US-California: International Arabian Horse Association Region III  Northern California
    US-California: Los Alamitos Race Course  Live Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Arabian Horse Race Track in Cypress
    US-California: Los Amigos Peruvian Horse Club  Southern California
    US-California: Los Angeles Horse Shows Association
    US-California: Marin Horse Council
    US-California: Morgan Horse Club of San Diego County
    US-California: National Foundation Quarter Horse Club of California  support and encouragement for the breeding of foundation Quarter Horses
    US-California: NorCal Miniature Horse Club
    US-California: Northern California Driving Club

    US-California: Northern Counties Cutting Horse Association
    US-California: Orange County Horse Shows Association
    US-California: Pacific Coast Fox Trotter Association
    US-California: Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School
    US-California: Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association
    US-California: Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association

    US: California Paso Fino Horse Association
    US-California: Peninsula Carriage Driving Club
    US-California: Piedra Foundation, The  Promote Continuing Education about horses, Fund Applied Equine Medical Research. Provide Animaltarian Financial Assistance
    US-California: P.J.'s Draft Horse Driving School  near San Diego
    US-California: Redwings Horse Sanctuary  orgainzation to educate the public about the care and plight of equines and to protect them from abuse and slaughter
    US-California: Redwood Empire Quarter Horse Association
    US: California Reining Horse Association
    US-California: Ride and Tie Association  endurance racing in Foresthill

    US-California: Riverside County Barrel Racers
    US-California: Riverside County Cutting Horse Association
    US-California: Russian Arabian Horse Breeders

    US-California: San Francisco Peninsula Morgan Horse Association
    US-California: San Luis Rey Equine Hospital
    US-California: Santa Anita Park  thoroughbred racetrack in Burbank
    US-California: Santa Clara County Horsemen's Association
    US-California: Santa Monica Bay Restoration Project, Horses and Livestock
    US-California: Save Horses from Slaughter
    US-California: Solano County Fair Thoroughbred Racing
    US-California: Sonoma Chapter of the California Dressage Society
    US-California: Sonoma County Fair Thoroughbred Racing
    US-California: Southern California Owner Resources  information, guidance or contacts for thoroughbred racehorse owners
    US-California: Southern California Peruvian Paso Horse Club
    US-California: SouthernCalRacing  Race Results - Latest Stories - Farm News - Stallion News - Interviews
    US-California: Spanish Arabian Breeder's Association of Northern California
    US-California: Special Equestrian Riding Therapy  in Agoura Hills
    US: California State Horsemen's Association
    US: California State Horsemen's Association Region 5  Contra Costa and Alameda Counties
    US: California State Paint Horse Coordinating Committee
    US: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library
    US: California Thoroughbred Breeders Association
    US-California: Thoroughbred Owners of California
    US-California: UC Davis Center for Equine Health
    US-California: United Pegasus Foundation  organization dedicated to protecting horses from abuse and slaughter
    US-California: United States Combined Training Association Area VI  California and Hawaii
    US-California: West Coast Reining Horse Association
    US-California: Western States Trail Foundation

    US: Colorado Arabian Horse Club
    US-Colorado: Arapahoe Park  thoroughbred, quarterhorse, Arabian, Paint and Appaloosa summer horse racing in Aurora
    US-Colorado: Flying Star Vaulters
    US-Colorado: Colorado Fox Trotter Horse Association
    US: Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Racing Events
    US-Colorado: Front Range Equine Rescue  non-profit, all volunteer organization working to end the abuse of horses
    US-Colorado: Grand Valley Dressage Society
    US: Colorado High School Rodeo Association
    US: Colorado Horse Council
    US-Colorado: Horse Protection League  in Arvada
    US: Colorado Horse Rescue  mission is to find new homes for abandoned, abused, neglected or unwanted horses
    US-Colorado: Northeastern Junior College, Equine Management
    US-Colorado: Pikes Peak Community College, Farrier Science
    US: Colorado School of Trades, Farrier school
    US: Colorado State University, Equine Sciences
    US: Colorado State University, Equine Sciences, Farrier Apprenticeship Program
    US: Colorado Racing Commission
    US: Colorado Racing Rules and Regulations  (revised 6-1-99) promulgated by the Colorado Racing Commission
    US: Colorado Racing Statute  Title 12 Article 60 (revised 7-1-98) and its subsequent amendments
    US: Colorado Ranger Horse Association
    US-Colorado: Rocky Mountain Area Al Khamsa
    US-Colorado: Rocky Mountain Horse Association
    US-Colorado: Rocky Mountian Quarter Horse Association
    US: Colorado Thorougbred Breeders Association
    US-Colorado: Western Colorado Peruvian Horse Club

    US-Connecticut: Horse Council of Granby
    US-Connecticut: Steed Read Horseman's Classified
    US: Connecticut Quarter Horse Association
    US-Connecticut: Teikyo Post, Equine Management & Equine Studies
    US-Connecticut: Westchester Fairfield Dressage Association

    US-Delaware: Dover Downs  harness race track
    US: Delaware Equine Activity Statute
    US: Delaware Equine Council
    US-Delaware: Harrington Raceway
    US-Delaware: Little Brown Jug  harness racing pacing classic at Delaware County Fairgrounds
    US: Delaware Park  Thoroughbred Racetrack and Slots in Wilmington
    US: Delaware Standardbred Owners Association
    US: Delaware Thorougbred Horsemen's Association
    US:  trainers, farms, racetracks
    US-District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)

    US-District of Columbia: Washinton Post, Horse Racing Page

    US-Florida: Alachua Arabian Horse Association
    US: Florida American Saddlebred Horse Association
    US-Florida: Arabian Racing Association of Florida
    US-Florida: Arredondo Dressage Society
    US: Florida Association of Equine Dentistry
    US-Florida: Barn Book, The  categorized directory of "all things equestrian" for South and Central Florida. Local, state & national manufacturers, products & services
    US-Florida: Barnes Classical Paddock  Pinellas Park (Pinellas County), Florida; theories on Classical Horsemanship
    US: Florida Barn Web  "Florida's Source for Everything Horse", editorials, classifieds, farms & trainers, real estate, stores & services, area weather
    US-Florida: Calder Race Course  thoroughbred race track in Miami
    US-Florida: Central Florida Dressage
    US: Florida Cutting Horse Association
    US-Florida: Dancing Horse Dressage & Combined Training Association
    US-Florida: Deep South Dressage and Combined Training Association
    US-Florida: Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering
    US-Florida: Dixie Paint Horse Club
    US-Florida: Goethe Trail, Inc.  volunteer non profit organization dedicated to shared trails in Goethe State Forest; volunteers assist the Florida Division of Forestry
    US-Florida: Gold Coast Dressage Association
    US-Florida: Gulfstream Park  thoroughbred race track in Hallandale
    US-Florida: Hialeah Park & Race Course  thoroughbred race track
    US: Florida Horse.Com  online directory for all horse disciplines, all breeds and commercial equine interests in the State of Florida
    US: Florida Horsemanship  Find places to ride in Central Florida along with other equine related topics
    US: Florida Horse, The  free barn sale ads, bulletin board, newsletter, trail guide, club page
    US-Florida: International Dressage Academy of Wellington
    US-Florida: Lakeland Dressage Association
    US-Florida: Mid Florida Buckskin Association
    US: Florida Miniature Horse Club
    US-Florida: Northeast Florida Dressage Association
    US-Florida: Orlando Arabian Horse Association
    US-Florida: Pompano Park Racing  race track
    US: Florida Quarter Horse Association
    US: Florida Reining Horse Association
    US: Florida Standardbred Breeders & Owners
    US-Florida: Southeastern Peruvian Horse Club
    US: Florida State Farriers Association
    US-Florida: Sunshine Paso Fino Horse Association
    US-Florida: Sunshine State Horse Council
    US-Florida: Tampa Bay Downs  thoroughbred racetrack
    US: Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' & Owners' Association
    US: Florida Trail Riders

    US: Georgia Appaloosa Horse Association
    US-Georgia: Carousel Riding Center  horseriding for the disabled
    US: Georgia Draft Horse Association
    US: Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association
    US: Georgia Equine Rescue League
    US: Georgia International Horse Park
    US: Georgia Horse Council
    US: Georgia Hunter Jumper Association
    US: Georgia Old Time Plow Club  group dedicated to preserving horse and mule farming practices through field days, seminars and general meetings
    US: Georgia Quarter Horse Association
    US: Georgia Thorougbred Owners and Breeders Association
    US-Georgia: University of Georgia: Cooperative Extension Service, College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Extension Equine

    US-Hawaii: Kauai Quarter Horse Association
    US-Hawaii: United States Combined Training Association Area VI  California and Hawaii

    US: Idaho Arabian Breeders Association
    US-Idaho: Backcountry Horsemen of Idaho
    US-Idaho: College of Southern Idaho, Equine Studies
    US-Idaho: Inland Empire Dressage and Combined Training Association
    US-Idaho: Sigurdsson's Icelandic Horses & Equestrian School
    US: Idaho State Administrative Rules Governing Horse Racing  in.pdf format
    US: Idaho State Administrative Rules Governing Simulcasting  in.pdf format
    US: Idaho State Code Statutes, Professions, Vocations, and Businesses - Horse Racing  Title 54, Chapter 25
    US: Idaho State Racing Commission
    US: Idaho Thorougbred Breeders Association

    US-Illinois: Arlington International Racecourse  thoroughbred racing
    US-Illinois: Balmoral Park  harness racing racetrack in Crete
    US: Illinois Barrel Racing Association
    US-Illinois: Blackhawk Appaloosa Association
    US: Illinois Dressage and Combined Training Association
    US-Illinois: Fairmount Park  race track in Collinsville near St. Louis, MO
    US-Illinois: Equestrian Science Tech Prep Sequence with Black Hawk East
    US-Illinois: Equine Education Institute
    US-Illinois: Hawthorne Race Course  thoroughbred race track in Cicero
    US: Illinois Horse Online  internet site for the Illinois horse world - links directory
    US: Illinois Horse Racing Act  1975in.pdf format
    US-Illinois: Maywood Park Race Track  in Maywood
    US-Illinois: Midwest Horseshoeing School
    US-Illinois: Off-Track Betting
    US-Illinois: Online Chicago Region Horse Stables Directory
    US: Illinois Paint Horse Association
    US: Illinois Racing Board
    US-Illinois: Sportsman's Park  thoroughbred racetrack in Cicero
    US-Illinois: Southern Illinois University, Equine Science Program
    US: Illinois Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Foundation
    US:  farms, racetracks

    US: Indiana Dressage Society
    US: Indiana Farriers Association
    US-Indiana: Hoosier Hoofprints  harness racing in Indiana
    US-Indiana: Hoosier Park  racetrack at Anderson
    US-Indiana: Hoosier Stallion Stake
    US: Indiana Horse Council
    US: Indiana Horse Racing Commission
    US: Indiana Quarter Horse Association
    US-Indiana: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Mari Hulman George School of Equine Studies
    US: Indiana Standardbred Association
    US: Indiana Standardbred Board of Regulations
    US: Indiana Thorougbred Owners and Breeders Association
    US:  farms, racetracks
    US: Indiana Youth Paint Horse Club

    US: Iowa Dressage & Combined Training Association
    US-Iowa: Eastern Iowa Dressage & Combined Training Association
    US-Iowa: Ellsworth Community College, Equine Management
    US: Iowa Harness Horseman's Association
    US-Iowa: Kirkwood Community College, Agricultural Sciences, Horse Science Technology
    US-Iowa: Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino, Racing Information
    US: Iowa Quarter Horse Association
    US: Iowa Thorougbred Owners and Breeders Association

    US-Kansas: Colby Community College, Horse Production and Management
    US-Kansas: Dodge City Community College, Equine Science
    US: Kansas Draft Horse and Mule Association
    US-Kansas: Eureka Downs  thoroughbred race track
    US: Kansas Pinto Horse Association
    US: Kansas Quarter Horse Association
    US: Kansas Racing and Gaming Association, Horse Racing
    US-Kansas: Shur Shod Horseshoeing School
    US: Kansas Thorougbred Association
    US-Kansas: Woodlands Horse Track  racetrack in Kansas City

    US-Kentucky: Albatroz Bloodstock  specializing in horses from South America
    US-Kentucky: BlueGrass Palomino Horse Association
    US-Kentucky: Castleton Farm  breeders of harness racing horses with 1,500 acres in Lexington
    US-Kentucky: Churchill Downs  home of the Kentucky Derby
    US-Kentucky: Continental Bloodstock Agency  in Lexington
    US-Kentucky: Darby Dan Bloodstock Agency  in Lexington
    US: Kentucky Downs  thoroughbred racetrack in Franklin
    US: Kentucky Dressage Association
    US-Kentucky: Ellis Park Race Course  thoroughbred racetrack in Henderson
    US: Kentucky Equine Research  quine nutrition, research and consultation company serving both the horse producer and the feed industry
    US-Kentucky: Equine Transitional Training Alliance  organization to prevent cruelty to horses
    US-Kentucky: Fasig-Tipton  North America's Oldest Thoroughbred Auction Farm
    US: Kentucky Hoofs  horseracing news from Lexington Herald-Leader updated daily
    US: Kentucky Horse Park  educational theme park
    US: Kentucky Horseshoeing School
    US-Kentucky: International Museum of the Horse
    US-Kentucky: Keeneland  thoroughbred racetrack in Lexington
    US-Kentucky: Lane's End Farm  thoroughbred breeding farm
    US-Kentucky: Louisville Thoroughbred Club
    US-Kentucky: Midway College, Equine Management
    US: Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association
    US-Kentucky: Schumer Bloodstock Agency  offices in Lexington and Louisville
    US-Kentucky: Spotted Saddle Horse Association of Kentucky
    US-Kentucky: Tattersalls The Red Mile  Select Yearling Sale - Championship Meet - Spring Meet - harness race track in Lexington
    US: Kentucky Thoroughbred Association
    US: Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund  program to upgrade the overall quality of racing in Kentucky
    US: Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers Club
    US: Kentucky Thorougbred Owners and Breeders Association
    US-Kentucky: Three Chimneys  thoroughbred breeding farm
    US-Kentucky: Thunder Ridge  harness racetrack in Prestonsburg
    US:  trainers, farms, racetracks, sales
    US-Kentucky: Turfway Park  thoroughbred racetrack in Florence
    US-Kentucky: University of Kentucky, Department of Animal Sciences, Equine Extension Program
    US-Kentucky: University of Louisville Equine Industry Program

    US-Louisiana: Baton Rouge Barrel Racing Association
    US-Louisiana: Delta Downs  thoroughbred racetrack in Vinton
    US: Louisiana Downs  thoroughbred racetrack in Bossier City
    US-Louisiana: Evangeline Downs  thouroughbred racetrack in Lafayette
    US-Louisiana: Fair Grounds Race Course  in New Orleans
    US: Louisiana Quarter Horse Association
    US: Louisiana State Racing Commission
    US: Louisiana Thorougbred Breeders Association

    US-Maine: Bangor Raceway  harness race track
    US: Maine Barrel Racing Association
    US: Maine Equine Industry Association
    US: Maine Equine Laws  Chapter 743 Equine Activities
    US-Maine: Equine Limit to Liability Law  Sec. 2. 7 MRSA §4101, amendment
    US: Maine Farriers' Association
    US: Maine Harness Horsemen
    US-Maine: Harness Racing Law  Title 8, Chapter 11
    US-Maine: Horse's Maine, The  "Maine's Own Equine Newspaper"
    US: Maine Morgan Horse Club
    US-Maine:  equine directory for NE US
    US: Maine Quarter Horse Association
    US-Maine: Scarborough Downs  harness racetrack near Portland
    US-Maine: Standards for the Housing and Care of Horses  from State of Maine, Department of Agriculture, Food & Rural Resources
    US-Maine: Waterford Welsh Cobs  breeder, producer and importer of Welsh Cobs
    US: Maine State Harness Racing Promotion Board

    US-Maryland: Baltimore Horse Country  information resource for equestrians
    US-Maryland: Capital Region  United States Pony Clubs Region serving central MD & Jefferson Co, WV.
    US-Maryland: Chesapeake Plantation Walking Horse Club
    US-Maryland: Cloverleaf Standardbred Owners Association  at Rosecroft Raceway
    US: Maryland Combined Training Association
    US-Maryland: Days End Farm Horse Rescue
    US: Maryland Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness Development Program, Standardbred Horse Racing in Maryland
    US: Maryland Dressage Association
    US-Maryland: Fairhill Equestrian Events
    US-Maryland: Fair Hill International  Combined Driving
    US-Maryland Horse Breeders Association
    US: Maryland Horseshoeing School
    US: Maryland Horse Shows Association
    US-Maryland: Howard County Horse Shows Association
    US-Maryland: Howard County Pony Club
    US: Maryland Jockey Club
    US: Maryland Jockey Club Stakes Schedule
    US-Maryland: Laurel Park  thoroughbred racetrack in Laurel
    US-Maryland: Menfelt Equine Show Facility
    US-Maryland: Ocean Downs  haness racetrack in Ocean City
    US-Maryland: Pimlico Race Course  thoroughbred racetrack
    US-Maryland: Potomac Horse Center  in Gaithersburg
    US-Maryland: Potomac Polo Club
    US-Maryland: Potomac Valley Dressage Association
    US: Maryland Racing Commission
    US-Maryland: Rosecraft Raceway  haness racetrack
    US: Maryland Standardbred Breeders Association  at Rosecroft Raceway
    US: Maryland Standardbred Race Fund
    US: Maryland Thoroughbred Racing Information
    US:  trainers, farms, racetracks

    US-Massachusetts: Bay State Trail Riders Association
    US-Massachusetts: Central Massachusetts Horse Club
    US-Massachusetts: Foxboro Park  harness racetrack in Foxboro
    US-Massachusetts: Mout Ida College, School of Animal Science, Equine Studies
    US-Massachusetts: New England Miniature Horse Society
    US-Massachusetts: New England Dressage Association
    US-Massachusetts: New England Fox Trotter Club
    US-Massachusetts: New  trainers, farms, racetracks
    US-Massachusetts:  equine directory for NE US
    US-Massachusetts: Plainridge Racecourse  harness racetrack in Plainville
    US-Massachusetts: Suffolk Downs  thoroughbred racetrack in East Boston
    US: Massachusetts Thorougbred Breeders Association
    US-Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts, Department of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Equine Studies
    US-Massachusetts: West Springfield Morgan Horse Page
    US: Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association

    US: Michigan Appaloosa Horse Association
    US-Michigan: Arabian Horse Association Of Michigan
    US-Michigan: Association of Racing Arabian Breeders of Michigan
    US-Michigan: Buckskin Horse Association of Michigan
    US: Michigan Combined Training Association
    US-Michigan: Davison Rangers  4-H horse club in Genesee County
    US: Michigan Department of Agriculture, Office of the Racing Commissioner
    US: Michigan Egyptian Arabian Breeders Alliance
    US-Michigan: Great Lakes Downs  thoroughbred racetrack in Muskegon
    US: Michigan Harness Horsemen's Association
    US-Michigan: Hazel Park Harness Raceway
    US: Michigan Horse Council
    US: Michigan Horseshoers Association
    US-Michigan: Jackson Harness Raceway
    US-Michigan: MI Horse  Internet Market Place for Horses, New Equipment, Classified Ads, Boarding & Training Farms, Trailers with daily updated pages
    US-Michigan: Northville Downs  harness race track
    US: Michigan Quarter Horse Association
    US-Michigan: Saginaw Harness Raceway
    US-Michigan: Sports Creek Raceway  harness race track in Swartz Creek
    US: Michigan Standardbred Breeders Association
    US: Michigan State Pinto Breeders and Owners
    US: Michigan State University Equine Programs
    US: Michigan State University Equine Research Program
    US: Michigan State University Horse Teaching and Research Center
    US: Michigan State University Merillat Equine Center
    US: Michigan State University Rodeo Club
    US-Michigan: Thorougbred Owners and Breeders Association of Michigan
    US: Michigan Trail Riders Association
    US:  farms, racetracks
    US: Michigan Welsh Pony and Cob Association

    US: Minnesota 4-H Horse Association
    US: Minnesota Amateur Quarter Horse Association
    US-Minnesota: Canterbury Park  thoroughbred race track in Shakopee
    US: Minnesota Horse Council
    US:  buying, selling and breeding
    US: Minnesota Horse Connection  news, events, forum, chat
    US: Minnesota Horse Trails  In order by type of trail
    US-Minnesota: North Central Morgan Association
    US: Minnesota Pinto Horse Association
    US: Minnesota Quarter Horse Association
    US: Minnesota Racing Commission
    US: Minnesota Rodeo Association
    US-Minnesota: Stallion Station  "The Upper Midwest's Premier Stallion Listing Site"
    US: Minnesota Thorougbred Association
    US: Minnesota Trail Riders Association
    US-Minnesota: Tri-State Horsemen's Association
    US-Minnesota: University of Minnesota, Crookston, Equine Industries Management
    US-Minnesota: University of Minnesota, Crookston, Horseman's Association

    US: Mississippi Breeders and Owners Association
    US: Mississippi Horse Council
    US: Mississippi Quarter Horse Association
    US-Mississippi: Wood College Equestrian Center, Associate of Applied Science, Horsemanship

    US-Missouri: Back Country Horsemen of the Ozarks
    US: Missouri Equine Council
    US: Missouri Foxtrotter Connection
    US: Missouri Foxtrotter News
    US: Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association
    US-Missouri: Greater Kansas City Arabian Horse Association
    US-Missouri: Heartland Horseshoeing School
    US-Missouri: Kansas City Regional Fox Trotting Horse Association
    US-Missouri: Mid America Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association
    US: Missouri Quarter Horse Association
    US: Missouri Quarter Horse Youth Association
    US-Missouri: St. Louis Area Dressage Society
    US-Missouri: Southwest Missouri State University, Department of Agriculture, Equine Program
    US-Missouri: Stephens College, Equestrian Business Management
    US-Missouri: William Woods University, Division of Equestrian Studies

    US-Montana: Big Sky Fox Trotter Association of Montana
    US: Montana Horse Breeders Association
    US: Montana Quarter Horse Association
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