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Horses  07.09.01

  • Associations and Societies
  • Councils and Boards
  • General Information Sites and Links Directories
  • Horsemanship
  • Laws and Legislation
  • Museums and Parks
  • Publications
  • Service and Supply Directories
  • Statistics

    Horse Associations and Societies 

    Canada: Saskatchewan Horse Federation

    Germany: Goldachtaler Pferdefreunde e.V.  friends of horses society in Goldachtal (in German)
    Germany: Pferd-Aktuell  umbrella organisation for many horse associations in Germany (in German)
    International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists
    Italy: Ente Nazionale per il Cavallo Italiano  national society for the Italian horse (in Italian)
    Switzerland: Ostschweizer Pferd  horse association in eastern Switzerland (in German)
    UK: British Horse Society
    UK: British Horse Society Bedfordshire
    UK: British Horse Society Cambridgeshire
    UK: British Horse Society Eastern Region
    UK: British Horse Society Essex
    UK: British Horse Society Hertfordshire
    UK: British Horse Society Norfolk
    UK: British Horse Society North West Wales Region [Gangen Gogledd Orllewin Cymru y BHS]
    UK: British Horse Society Southern Region
    UK: British Horse Society Suffolk

    US: American Novice Horse Association
    US: Georgia Old Time Plow Club  group dedicated to preserving horse and mule farming practices through field days, seminars and general meetings
    US-Massachusetts: Central Massachusetts Horse Club
    US: National Horsemen's Benevolent & Protective Association
    US-New York: Central New York Horse Club
    US: North American Horse and Mule Loggers Association
    US: Rocky Mountain Horse Association
    US: Southern Horse Owners & Exhibitors
    US: Sound Horse Organization®
    US-Virginia: Prince William Horse Association  in Manassas
    Horse Councils and Boards 

    Australian Pony Council

    Canada: British Columbia Horse Council
    Canada: Manitoba Horse Council

    Denmark: Landbrugets Rådgivningscenter, Landskontoret for Heste  National office for horses (in Danish)
    Germany: Landeskommission für Pferdeleistungsprüfungen in Schleswig-Holstein   state commission to test horse performance (in German)
    Iceland: Landssamband hestamannafélaga  state horse organisation (in Icelandic)
    Irish Horse Board
    Swedish Horse Board [Svenska Hästavelsförbundet]  (in Swedish)
    UK: Northern Ireland Horse Board
    US: Alabama Horse Council

    US: American Horse Council
    US: Arkansas Horse Council
    US-California: Marin Horse Council

    US: Colorado Horse Council
    US-Connecticut: Horse Council of Granby
    US: Delaware Equine Council
    US-Florida: Sunshine State Horse Council
    US: Georgia Horse Council
    US: Horse Industry Alliance
    US: Indiana Horse Council
    US: Maine Equine Industry Association
    US: Michigan Horse Council
    US: Minnesota Horse Council
    US: Mississippi Horse Council
    US: Missouri Equine Council
    US: New Jersey Equine Advisory Board
    US: New Jersey Horse Council
    US: New York State Horse Council
    US: New York State Horse Council, Western New York Chapter
    US: North American Equine Ranching Information Council  association representing horse breeders and ranchers engaged in the collection of pregnant mares' urine
    US: Ohio Horseman's Council
    US-Oregon: Northwest Horse Council  non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of hunters,  jumpers, and hunt seat equitation within the state of Oregon
    US: South Carolina Horseman's Council
    US-Texas: Greater Houston Horse Council
    US: Virginia Horse Council  forum for all breed and discipline groups to unify for the common cause of the industry
    US: Virginia Horse Industry Board
    General Horse Information Sites and Links Directories

    Australia: AusHorse Equestrian  photos, news

    Australia: Cyberhorse  Asutralian Internet site devoted to horses and where to find horse related material on the Internet
    Australia: Equine World Australia  racing, breeding, showjumping, eventing, polo
    Australia: Horsemart Australia  Information and Classifieds
    Australian Horse Net Service
    Australian Horse Resources  non-commercial directory of Australian equestrian web sites and internet activites
    Belgium: Equi-Info  horses and poneys in Belgium

    Belgium: Shagan Le Monde Du Cheval  Shagan the world of the horse (in French)
    Brazil: Equiserv Brasil  horse information, Egyptian Empire studs, events, world rankings (in Portuguese)
    Brazil: HorseNet Brasil
    Canada: Alberta Equine On-Line
    Canada: Equine Research Centre  Servicing the horse world with research, education, horse health, industry information, networks and markets
    Canada: Horses Canada  website is dedicated to promoting the horse industry in Canada and providing useful information about horses

    Canada: Horses in Canada
    Canada-Ontario: Eastern Ontario EquineWeb

    Canadian Horse Message Board
    Cybersteed  Complete Equine Internet Site
    Denmark: Heste-Info  horse information
    US: Equerry  One Stop Information and Education for the Horse Enthusiast (TM)
    Equindex  equine search engine
    Europe: Equine World Europe  racing, breeding, showjunping, eventing, polo
    Finland: HevosNetti  "horse-net" general information site about horses (in Finnish)
    France: HippoPlus  horse information site, directories, forum, services... (in French)
    Germany: Gelben Seiten rund um's Pferd  "horse yellow pages" links directory (in German)
    Germany: HippoNet  dem Forum rund ums Pferd für Berlin und Brandenburg - horse forum in Berlin and Brandenburg (in German)
    Germany: Koppel, Die  Informationen und Angeboten rund um das Pferd - horse information site (in German)
    Germany: PferdeNet  horse, horse breeding and horse riding information site (in German)
    Germany: Pferdenetz  classifieds, horse market, exhibitions, news, directory (in German)

    Germany: PferdeSeiten  das Internet-Forum rund um das Thema Pferd - horse internet forum (in German)
    Germany: PferdeWeb  information about horse breeding, riding and racing, horse databank, classifieds (in German)

    Germany:  Informationen zu Pferderassen aus aller Welt - Daten und Termine von Anlässen - Angebote rund ums's Pferd (in German)
    Germany: Pferdezeitung  "horse news": horse sales, classifieds, forum, breeds... (in German)
    Germany: Welt der Pferde  world of horses - posture, breed descriptions, help for stolen horses... (in German)
    Horse Information Page  horse links directory: Veterinary Links, Feeds and Feeding, Breeding Information, Colors and Markings, Horseshoeing, Western Events, For Beginners, Dressage...
    Horseman's Advisor  "Helping Thousands of Equestrians, Horse Owners and Veterinarians Every Day" - care, disease, medication, reproduction, training
    Horse Publications  from the Publications Library for the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University
    HorseWeb  breeders, horse products and services web pages directory
    Ireland: Equine World Ireland  racing, breeding, showjunping, eventing, polo
    Italy: Cavallo Web  horse information site
    Japan: Derby Square  horse news and information site (in Japanese)
    Japan: Derby Stallion World (in Japanese)
    Japan: Horse World (in Japanese)
    Japan: Uma Links  Japanese horse links directory (in Japanese)
    Mr Horse  international horse news and information site based in Italy
    Netherlands: Hoefnet  "hoof-net" (in Dutch)
    New Zealand: Equine World News Zealand  racing, breeding, showjunping, eventing, polo
    New Zealand Horses Online  equestrian services: horses for sale, stallion directory, horses wanted, forum, pony clubs...

    Sweden: HästPoolen  nätverk som består av hästfolk i Mälardalen - horse information and directories (in Swedish)
    Switzerland:  Swiss horse information site (in German)
    UK: Horseweb-UK  equestrian adverts, articles, information and links
    UK: Trot On  West Country Hunts - Racing - Road Safety - Irish Draught - Cleveland Bay - Points of a Horse...

    US: Barn Page, The  a Horsekeeper's Resource
    US: Equine Online  equine internet resources
    US: Equinet  News - Horses (for sale/wanted/stallions) - Property - Travel

    US: Equine World  horse articles, health & fitness, photo album, vet resources, farrier world
    US: Florida Barn Web  "Florida's Source for Everything Horse", editorials, classifieds, farms & trainers, real estate, stores & services, area weather
    US: Florida Horse, The  free barn sale ads, bulletin board, newsletter, trail guide, club page
    US: HayNet  horse links directory
    US:  horse information site for kids
    US: Horse Forum, The  Links, Information and Articles
    US: HorseNet  "The Internet Community for Horse People"
    US: Horse Network  horse information, events, veterinary health, farms & stables, classifieds...
    US:  Internet Horse Resource
    US: Horse Resources internet links directory  from Oklahoma State University
    US: Horseman's Advisor
    US: horsesdaily  news - insurance - who's who - marketplace
    US: Horse Show, The  online radio show
    US: HorseWorldData  An information clearinghouse for the worldwide community of equine enthusiasts - Breeds - Publications - Racing - Schools & Libraries - Sports/Events
    US: Horse Worldwide  an internet resource for anyone who loves horses
    US: Hyperlinked Horseman, The  Horse Breeds - Equestrian Sports - Mall - Horse Health - Horse Genetics, Hay and Farrier Finders, Trail Locators...
    US: Illinois Horse Online  internet site for the Illinois horse world - links directory
    US: Kickin' Back Ranch Horse World  a non-commercial site for horse enthusiasts
    US: Mane Points, The  the online horse resource center
    US-Maryland: Baltimore Horse Country  information resource for equestrians
    US: Minnesota Horse Connection  news, events, forum, chat
    US: National Horseman's Directory  Classifieds, Stallions, Forum, Chat
    US:  northern Nevada horse directory
    US-North Carolina-Sandhills: Horse Country
    US-Oregon: Horse Sites  Equestrian Chat, Events, Camps, Trails, Ranches and Classified Ads in Sisters and Central Oregon
    US: State Extension Programs Offering Equine Iinfo  State-by-State listing
    US: Virginia is for Horse Lovers  "Welcome to Virginia Horse Country" - calendar of events, FAQs, Equine Links
    World Horse Net

    Horseman Mail List Frequently Asked Questions  about Natural Horsemanship
    Norway: Real Horsemanship  Disse sidene er laget for alle som er interessert i Horsemanship - site about horsemanship (in Norwegian)

    US: American Association for Horsemanship Safety

    US: Equine Affaire  education-oriented horsemen's conventions
    US-Florida: Barnes Classical Paddock  Pinellas Park (Pinellas County), Florida; theories on Classical Horsemanship
    US-Texas: Brazos Association for Classical Horsemanship
    Horse Laws and Statutes

    -- for laws regarding horseracing and wagering, please go to section for Horseracing Laws

    Canada: Bill C-454  Act to provide for the recognition of the Canadian Horse as the national horse of Canada

    Canada: Equine Import Regulations  equine imports from the USA

    US: Delaware Equine Activity Statute
    US: Equine Law  Some leading Court Decisions Involving Horses - Articles Involving Equine Law Issues  from Miller, Griffin & Marks PSC
    US: Equine Law - Law Cases for Horsemen  law cases from appellate courts throughout the US that deal with horses, horse people and horse accidents
    US: Florida Statutes, Horse Sales, Shows and Exhibitions  Chapter 535, 1998 Statutes
    US: Horse Law News  Horse Law for Horse Lovers
    US: Indiana Standardbred Board of Regulations
    US: Lex Equus  clearinghouse for information available on the Internet and elsewhere concerning equine-related law  from University of Kentucky College of Law Library
    US: Maine Equine Laws  Chapter 743 Equine Activities
    US-Maine: Equine Limit to Liability Law  Sec. 2. 7 MRSA §4101, amendment
    US-Maine: Standards for the Housing and Care of Horses  from State of Maine, Department of Agriculture, Food & Rural Resources
    Horse Museums and Parks 

    Austria: Lipizzan Museum  exhibitions to document the history of the Lipizzans from its founding moments up to their dramatic evacuation at the eve of World War II
    Canada-Alberta: Springbank Equestrian Society  operating the Springbank Equestrian Park in Calgary
    US-California: CTETA's Horse Park  equestrian educational program of activities in order to promote a better public knowledge of horsemanship, in Woodside
    US: Georgia International Horse Park
    US: Kentucky Horse Park  educational theme park
    US-Kentucky: International Museum of the Horse
    US: National Museum of the Morgan Horse  dedicated to preserving and interpreting all aspects of the Morgan horse breed through educational programs, exhibits and special events
    US-North Carolina: Five Points Horse Park  three-day eventing, combined driving, steeplechase, hunter/jumper and dressage
    Horse Publications

    Australia: Equine Oz  Asutralian horse industry publication

    Australia: Horse Magazine

    Brazil: Cyber Horse  WWW publication about equestrian teams in Brazil (in Portuguese)
    Canada-British Columbia: Pacific Horse Journal
    Canada: Equine Canada  online publication

    Canada: Pacific & Prairie Horse Journal
    France: Cheval Bleu, Le  The Blood-Horse Internet Magazine
    France:  horse and equestrain news (in French)
    New Zealand: Horsetalk  World Equestrian News

    Sweden: Dag Nätterqvist  artiklar och skrivelser - horse-related news articles (in Swedish)
    Sweden: Hästjournalen"horse journal" (in Swedish)
    UKHorses Network  performance horse news in the UK
    UK: Quarter Mark  breeding and racing magazine
    US: Alaska Horse Journal

    US: American Horse Publications  dedicated to promoting better understanding and communication within the equine publishing industry
    US: Anvil Magazine Online
    US: Chronicle of the Horse  online edition
    US: Equestrienne  online publication dedicated to the horse
    US: Equijournal  equestrian news site
    US: Equine Tip Of The Day  interesting information, horse hints, tips and other news; check archives online or sign up to receive a tip by email per day
    US: Equi-Site  online equestrian directory and magazine
    US: Happy Horse & Pet Pals Magazine  monthly equine and pet connection publication
    US: Horse Crazy Online Magazine  horse site with emphasis on items for children
    US: Horselogger's International Newsletter
    US: Horse Magazine
    US: Horsen' Around  The Midwest's All-Breed Monthly Horse Newspaper
    US: Horse Previews Magazine  Uploaded from Print the First Week of Every Month
    US-Maine: Horse's Maine, The  "Maine's Own Equine Newspaper"
    US: Natural Horse Magazine  A Publication Focusing on Humane and Natural Care for Horses and Other Animals
    US-Ohio: Horsemen's Corral  equine regional all-breed monthly publication serving as the official publication for horse associations in Ohio and adjacent states
    US: Performance Horse Magazine Online  magazine dedicated to Western Performance Horses
    US: Running Horse, The  items of interest to horse lovers in general and particularly those that love to watch horses that go fast
    US: Rural Heritage  bimonthly journal for small farmers and loggers who use draft horse, mule, and oxen power
    US: Virginia Horse Journal
    Equine Service and Supply Directories

    Canada-British Columbia: Horse BC  Equestrian Directory for the Horse Industry of British Columbia

    UK: Equiweb  directory of British stallions, trainers, societies and clubs as well as stud listings
    USA Horses Online  stallion, farm and trainer directory

    US-Arizona: Sierra Vista Horse Home Page  horse and equine service directory for Sierra Vista and environs
    US-California: Bay Area Equestrian Network  regional directory for equine services and products in Northern California
    US: Equine Directory  Equestrian's Marketplace - directory of suppliers for equestrians
    US: Equi-Site  online equestrian directory and magazine
    US-Florida: Barn Book, The  categorized directory of "all things equestrian" for South and Central Florida. Local, state & national manufacturers, products & services
    US: Florida Barn Web  "Florida's Source for Everything Horse", editorials, classifieds, farms & trainers, real estate, stores & services, area weather
    US: Florida Horse.Com  online directory for all horse disciplines, all breeds and commercial equine interests in the State of Florida
    US: HayNet  horse links directory
    US: Horse Authority  source for new products and services within the equine industry
    US: Horsefaces, Inc.  national/international horse transport network developed by horse owners to help horse owners who are qualified by need
    US: Horse Information Center  horse industry's complete source for hard-to-find books, videos and software
    US:  directory of horse racing related products and services
    US: Horse Resources internet links directory  from Oklahoma State University
    US: HorseWeb  horses, horse breeders, products, services and information
    US: Illinois Horse Online  internet site for the Illinois horse world - links directory
    US:  northern Nevada horse directory
    US: New Hampshire Horse Farm Directory
    US-North Dakota: Dakotahorse.comStallions, ranches, horses for sale by owner, horse events, training/services
    US: Texas Horseman's Directory  the place to find anything about horses, trainers, stables, clubs and horse activities in Texas
    US-Virginia: VAHorseNet  goal is to provide Virginia horse enthusiasts with a site dedicated to their horse needs
    US: Wyoming Horse Directory
    World Wide Farrier Directory
    Worldwide Horseman's Directory  "The Largest Directory of Horse Related Interests on the Web"
    Equine Statistics 

    Argentina: Equine Slaughter Statistics by month  by year

    Indonesian Horse Industry Statistics: Horse Population by Province
    Spain-Andalucia: Horse Population Statistics  by province, by year, by type

    US: Bureau of Land Management, National Wild Horse and Burro Program, Herd Information and Statistics  Herd & Removal/Adoption Statistics
    US: North Carolina Equine Statistics
    US: Texas Equine Inventory Statistics
    Uruguay: Horsemeat Export Statistics
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