Woman Links are a part of the UU Women and Religion movement, continentally (with a segment of us being from Canada, over by Maine). This is meaningful work that takes real commitment. If a separate women's group happens around this, that would be a wonderful support system for this Woman Link commitment but, not necessary. To communicate through existing groups can be a fine vehicle while looking for teachable moments to promote consensus process. Remember, our W&R movement has always been inclusive of men in such endeavors.

In addition to receiving a copy of the continental W&R movement tri-fold and the 4 times yearly WOMUUNWEB each Woman Link is asked to:

1. Put up a women's issues/events bulletin board (even in the main women's rest room for the congregation) to post all relevant mail that comes to the office.

2. Check the monthly JPD Packet (usually issued the first week each month) in each congregation's office, to glean out and copy all relevant news to spread.

3. Relay to Helen Popenoe any news for WOMUUNWEB, a continental newsletter for feminist men and women, coming from both your own congregation's "right relations activities" and the local community outside.

4. Spread relevant news for your congregation that you find in WOMUUNWEB

5. Attend (hopefully) the JPD W&R events to get to know the wider web. However, bringing together the web of women's groups within her own congregation would be enough as a goal.

In the UU spirit of love and complementarity,
Helen Popenoe hpop@bellatlantic.net

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