Greater Washington Association
Religious Education Council

Who We Are and What We Do

The Greater Washington Association Religious Education Council (GWAREC) is funded by GWA and is a network of the RE leaders in and around the Washington Beltway. We offer training and programs to the entire GWA/JPD/UUA RE community. Our purpose is twofold: - to provide high quality lifespan religious education by sharing ideas and resources, and by educating our teachers, congregations and committees, guided by our UU Principles and Purposes.

The current President of GWAREC is Dolores Miller The GWAREC Administrator is Cynthia Smoyer, who handles registrations for our conferences and workshops.

GWAREC meets on a monthly basis (usually on the second Wednesday of the month) and anyone wanting information on the date/time/agenda of upcomming meetings can contact either Dolores Miller or Cynthia Smoyer. Meetings are held in churches in the DC-Virginia-Maryland area and are designed to provide support and information for DREs/MREs and congregation RE committee members.

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