Member Resources

As a service to the membership, CARD offers the following resources. These will be expanded and updated as part of the overall site make-over.

- Links to Sites of Interest. Allied sites, those of the other side, reference sources.
Last update 2-8-98.

- Facts about CARD. A nonprofit, Virginia Corporation dedicated to protection of the Citizens and Resources of Prince William County.
Last update 4-1-97.

- Express E-Mail Service to the Supervisors, of Prince William County (at least to those interested in receiving e-mail.
Last update 7-6-97.

- State Code. Some interesting parts of the State Code of Virginia as they relate to condemnation proceedings--if it comes to that!
Last update 4-1-97.

- Contact your Elected Leaders. and some other elected officials we have a hard time calling leaders.
Last update 4-1-97.

- CARD rates the Candidates. Its too early, but watch this space during pending elections.
Last update 4-1-97.

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