Charles Broadwater and Mary Magdalene (Beavers) Broadwater

Charles "Charley" Broadwater was born 4/22/1778, son of Cornelius Broadwater and Mary (Piper) Broadwater. In Virginia in 1802, he married Mary Magdalene Beavers who was born in 1782, daughter of Jacob Beavers. Mary's mother's name is not known, but a grandson reported that Mary's mother married twice. Her first husband was Henry Wilt, and by him she had son Peter Wilt, the ancestor of many of the numerous Wilt family of western Maryland, and Michael Wilt. Michael came to western Maryland before 1800, and his Broadwater kin followed during the coming years.

Charles and Mary had their first child Amos in Loudoun County, Virginia in 1804. In 1807, Charles and his young family left Loudoun County and settled in what is now Garrett County, MD. His son Amos said many years later, "This county was mostly all in woods when I first came here..." Conrad Fazenbaker who lived on Big Savage Moutain recalled, "When Charles Broadwater Came from the State of Virginia to the State [of] Maryland ... he came to my Fathers house to purchase a cow."

The Charles Broadwater family lived a number of places in what is now Garrett County. They first settled for a year on a property later owned by Marcus M. Fazenbaker, in the Firm Rock section, between Pine Swamp and Westernport. They then moved to a hill farm on Laurel Run, north of Barton, where they lived for three years, and afterwards settled in the Savage River area.

Charles was drafted into the American army on or about 8/15/1814. He served as a private in Capt. Thomas Blair's infantry company of the First Regiment of Maryland Militia, from 9/2/1814 through 10/30/1814. The company marched to Baltimore and was stationed at Camp Deal, near Baltimore. Charles was honorably discharged at Camp Deal and returned home on foot. His rate of pay had been $8 per month.

On 6/5/1830, Charles bought 30 acres of the tract "Brants Farm" on the west side of Savage River in what is now Garrett County. On 11/27/1848, he bought another piece of land on Savage--102 1/2 acres of the tract "Father Sons and Brothers." This second property, located between Broadwater Chapel and Merrill, was purchased from his brother William Broadwater. A later deed referred to this part of "Father Son and Brothers" as the place where Charles "resided on for many years and at the time of his death."

Jacob Brown said of him, "He was not large in stature, but remarkably hardy, tough and industrious--a farmer of course--of hills at a slant of about 45 degrees."

Charles made his last will and testament on 6/17/1858. He bequeathed to his granddaughter Mary Engle one cow and one bed. All of the rest of his property was bequeathed to his "beloved wife Mary Magdalene Broadwater." He died at his home on Savage River at noon on Friday, 8/5/1859. He was buried in a small graveyard on his farm.

After Charles' death, his widow received a government pension because of her husband's service during the War of 1812. Mary died 12/19/1877. Jacob Brown reported that she had died "at great age, much respected."

Children of Charles Broadwater and Mary Magdalene Beavers: Amos Broadwater (born 8/9/1804), Jefferson Broadwater (born 8/1/1806), Catharine Broadwater (born 3/14/1808), Mary M. "Polly" Broadwater (born 1/3/1810), William C. "King Billy" Broadwater (born 10/4/1811), Charles C. "Charley C." Broadwater (born in 1815), Samuel Broadwater (born in October 1817), Peter Broadwater (born in March 1820), Rebecca Broadwater (born 5/8/1822), Mahala Broadwater (3/10/1824 or 1825), Ephraim Broadwater (born 2/20/1828), Ashford Broadwater (7/15/1831).

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